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You should update your kitchen now


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Here are some perfect Pots, pans and containers you should buy to update your kitchen.

Good cookware looks aesthetically pleasing and is pleasant to use. Therefore, if you are tired of using old multicolored pots and pans. Then here is a great stove for you, in which you will find several cool options for tableware sets. Pots, pans and even storage containers. With them, your kitchen will become even cozier and more comfortable.

Sets of pans

For this publication, we have prepared three universal pan sets in different price categories. All their dishes are strong and comfortable. It is made of high-quality materials resistant to food acids. High temperatures and dishwashing detergents. And it also has a well-thought-out design. Pots, casseroles and pans from these sets look very neat and cute. So they fit well into any kitchen interior.

Ardesto AR1906PS Gemini Gourmet Varese Dinnerware Set

Ardesto cookware-kitchen

We will start our review with the Ardesto AR1906PS Gemini Gourmet Varese compact cookware set. Which includes 6 items:

  • A pair of pans of different sizes.
  • A capacious ladle and heat-resistant glass lids for them.

These pans are made of beautiful stainless steel and their handles are also metal.

Rondell RDS-824 Bojole tableware set

The second tableware option that we would like to recommend to you in our today’s review is a beautiful set of 8 items from the Rondell brand. The Rondell RDS-824 Bojole cookware set includes 3 pots with a capacity of 5.6 L, 3.3 L and 2.3 L, a ladle for 1.7 L, as well as lids for them. It is quality 18/10 stainless steel.


The handles on the pans, ladles and lids are Bakelite. So they do not heat up, and there is a measuring scale inside the dishes. The thickness of the bottom is 5 mm. A good option if you want to buy dishes for cooking large and medium quantities of food.

Tefal G732SA55 Duetto+ cookware set

Well, the third set in our hotpot is a large kitchen set of the Tefal brand for 10 items. The Tefal G732SA55 Duetto+ cookware set includes 4 pots of different sizes (capacity from 6.1 l to 1.5 l), a convenient ladle (1.5 l) and a frying pan. The pans are equipped with lids.

Tefal G732SA55 Duetto cookware set-kitchen

The pan from this set is made of steel, with an excellent non-stick coating and a branded heat indicator on the inner side. Its diameter is 26 cm. The pans and ladle have nozzles with convenient perforations for draining the liquid. There is also a measuring scale.

And another advantage of the cookware from this set is that it is produced in Tefal factories located in France, so you can expect excellent French quality here.


You already have beautiful stainless steel pots, so now you want to add new pans to your kitchen arsenal? Well, here we also know what can be recommended – for every taste, color and budget. 4 universal pans for your kitchen!

Universal pan Ardesto

This is an inexpensive but beautiful pan from the Ardesto brand. Universal pan Ardesto AR1926PF Gemini Gourmet Savona with a diameter of 26 centimeters is made of forged aluminum. On both sides, it is covered with a high-quality non-stick coating, which allows you to cook with the minimum amount of fat. The bakelite handle does not heat up, so with this pan you can avoid using tongs while cooking. The handle has a loop for suspension.

The Ardesto AR1926PF Gemini Gourmet Savona frying pan can be used on various stoves – it is suitable for gas, electric, and induction models. A light and convenient budget frying pan.

Tefal universal frying pan

The second option of a frying pan in our selection is a model from the Tefal brand. The universal pan Tefal G6050514 Trattoria with a bottom diameter of 26 centimeters is made of cast aluminum, and its non-stick coating Titanium Extra is reinforced with titanium particles, which makes it very durable and resistant to damage that occurs during operation. The non-stick coating does not include PTFE or other harmful substances.

Tefal universal frying pan-kitchen

On the inner side of the pan there is a branded disc-heat indicator, and the Bakelite handle does not heat up during cooking. Such a pan can be used on any type of stove; it can also be put in the oven. A truly versatile pan! And yes, it is also made in France.

Rondell universal pan

But the model from Rondell has a slightly smaller size – 24 centimeters in diameter. The base of the Rondell RDA-1364 Invictus universal pan is forged aluminum, and the double-layer Xylan Plus non-stick coating does not contain any harmful substances such as PTFE and is scratch-resistant. Bakelite handle, with a loop for hanging.

Rondell universal pan

Such a pan can be used on gas, electric and induction cooking surfaces. A good, high-quality pan model at an affordable price.

WMF universal pan

And the pearl of our today’s tableware collection is the WMF 1756286411 Hexagon 28 cm universal frying pan from the Profi Resist line. This is an incredibly stylish top-class cookware that has an elegant design and great features. In such a pan, you will be able to cook various dishes both with intense frying and on minimal heat. In addition, it can be used both on any cooking surface and in the oven.

WMF universal pan-kitchen

A special feature of this model is the manufacturing material and unique non-stick coating. Such dishes are made from a multi-layer alloy developed by the WMF brand: the central layer here is aluminum, and on top it is covered with several layers of Cromargan premium class stainless steel alloy. The innovative PermaDur non-stick coating with the WMF Protection Grid protective grid is applied to the inner side of the pan. This combination ensures high resistance to various types of damage that may occur during the active use of such dishes, and very easy cleaning.

Beautiful, convenient and easy-to-maintain premium-class tableware. Recognized German quality!

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Containers for storing products

And finally, we would like to talk a little about another interesting set of kitchen accessories – the Luminarc Keepnbox storage container set with a bag (P6634). It includes three containers with a capacity of 380, 820 and 1220 ml, made of tempered glass, plastic lids for them that close tightly, and a small thermal bag to store the whole set.

The glass is strong, resistant to the effects of temperatures (easily withstands changes in the range of up to 130°С), it can be washed in a dishwasher, used in microwave ovens and frozen in the freezer. An excellent set of containers both for storing ready meals in the refrigerator and for packing food for a picnic or for work. Plus a convenient thermal bag as a gift!

Did you like something from this selection? Place an order for the dishes you like through the website of the Comfy online store, and we will make sure that you receive your order as soon as possible. And be sure to look at the Tableware section on the Comfy.ua website , because here you will find a huge number of tableware for cooking and serving, useful kitchen accessories and children’s tableware from various brands.

Here you will definitely find exactly what you need!

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