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Women who went to Lahore was raped

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It turned out that the woman who left for Lahore. After being tricked her marriage had been raped several times in two different incidents.

The allegation of rape involving a woman was filed at the North Kent Police Station on November 28, and the case is pending under Articles 376 (rape), 109 (incitement to rape), and 201 (no evidence or conviction) of the Pakistani criminal law. The code has add.

In the complaint, the victim indicated. That she is a resident of Karachi and previously play the online game Anonymous Battle Grounds (PubG). During this game, she was a friend of a man.

He said that this man called me to Lahore and said that we would get married. She reach Lahore by train on 23 November. The man took her to the Rose Hotel. Where he raped her for three days.

Women who went to Lahore was raped

According to the details of Lahore raped case

The FIR states that he later refused to marry her and dropped her off at the train station on November 26.

The victim said that while she was waiting for the train at the station. Two men promised her a job.

He told the suspects to take him to a residence on Sarwar Road. Where two other men helped him into the room. He was later raped several times by two men. They met at the train station. But eventually managed to escape.

He called on the authorities to take action against the three men. Who raped her.

In the complaint, Police Constable Asif Hasan also said that upon entering the room. Where the second incident occurred. He saw that the men who allegedly helped the woman into the room were trying to destroy the evidence.

Meanwhile, Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar drew attention to the incident and demanded an account from a police officer in Lahore.

He ordered the authorities to arrest the accused. As soon as possible and assure the victim of justice.

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