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Woman Convicted of Blasphemy Punished


A local court in Lahore has sentenced the principal of a local school to death and fined him Rs 50,000 for blasphemy.

According to the FIR, Imam Qari Iftikhar Ahmad Raza of Anwar Madina Mosque in Bahadurabad area of Lahore took a stand in the petition that Salma Tanveer, the principal of Omar School System, printed an article on September 2, 2013, and distributed it in the neighborhood.

Woman Convicted of Blasphemy Punished

The petitioner says that in this writing he denied that Hazrat Muhammad was the last of the Prophets and deliberately used blasphemous words in honor of the Holy Prophet.

Qari Iftikhar Ahmad Raza says that the woman while claiming prophethood, had also called herself Rehmat-ul-Alamin.

A case was registered in Nishtar Colony police station in Lahore in September 2013 and the woman was taken into custody.

Additional Sessions Judge Mansoor Qureshi, while delivering the verdict in the blasphemy case, found the Lahore woman guilty. The court sentenced Salma Tanveer to death and fined her Rs 50,000.
According to the report, during the trial, the prosecution produced 11 witnesses in court. The verdict also said that the convict could file an appeal against the verdict in the Lahore High Court within seven days.

Blasphemy law

Penalties In Pakistan, Articles 295 and 298 of the Constitution are called blasphemy laws, one of which carries the death penalty for serious blasphemy under Article 295 (c). Sets a sentence of up to ten years. Similarly, 295B prescribes punishment for desecration of the Holy Qur’an and 295C for insulting the Messenger of Allah (PBUH). /Presentation, or dishonest direct or indirect statements about them, which may create a bad, selfish or harsh impression about them, or an impression that harms them, or cast doubt on their holy name. And making fun of them, all of them will be punished with life imprisonment or death as well as fine.
However, under the blasphemy law, no one has yet been sentenced to death in Pakistan.

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