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Why social apps shutdown last night?


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Social media giants Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram were shutdown for 6 hours on Monday night. It was the biggest shutdown in Internet history, affecting more than 10 million people at once.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared an apology post on Facebook on Monday night which said:

Sorry for today’s interruption – i know how much you concerning our services to remain connected with the individuals you care about.

We apologize the inconvenience caused by the closure of our platforms today, said Facebook’s vice president Santosh Janardhan.

Why social apps shutdown last night?

Reacting to the sudden shutdown of major social media services around the world, including Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, on Monday. Santosh Janardhan, vice president of Facebook’s infrastructure, said that configuration changes on back-scan routers Interconnected networks connect traffic. These issues cause communication to be disrupted.

In a blog post, Santosh Janardhan said, “This disruption in network traffic has affected the way our data centers communicate. Which has disrupted our services.”

He said system is now backed up and running. The root reason behind the shutdown also affected several of the internal tools and systems we have a tendency to use in our daily operations, complicating our efforts to quickly diagnose and resolve the issue.

Social media app FACEBOOK explains about shutdown

Facebook explained the rationale for the huge closure during a blog post this morning. The blockchain that brought down Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp was not the results of a hack or breach. However a modification within the configuration of Facebook’s routers.

Why social apps shutdown last night?

Routers that connect network traffic between data centers on Facebook disrupt communication. The blog post does not elaborate on this hurdle. But it seems that Facebook machines were not able to communicate with each other properly for some indefinite reason.

Janardhan said: services are now online and he is working to bring them back fully into regular operations. He said he believed the main reason for the closure was a change in poor order.

He said he also had no evidence that the user’s data had been compromised as a result of this data time.

“We apologize to all or any those affected. Which we have a tendency to operative to grasp a great deal of regarding what happened today thus we have a tendency to able to still produce our infrastructure a great deal of flexible,” Janardhan said additionally.

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are now online again and have been working fine for almost 12 hours.


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