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Whatsapp introduces amazing voice feature

WhatsApp has made quite a few updates to make messaging more exciting for users.

One of the most popular features of the app, owned by Meta, is the voice messaging feature, which does not limit the user’s recording time and gives them the freedom to even adjust the playback speed of received messages.

And from that point on, you get another feature besides that, the ability to listen to your own recorded message before sending it to someone. Which will save you from other awkward moments.

Whatsapp introduces amazing voice feature

To use this feature, press and hold the microphone icon to record voice messages, then slide over without having to enter recording mode. When you’re done, hit the center stop button. Then hit the play button to preview your message. If you are satisfied with this, click “Submit”.

These are not mistakes, these are rehearsals. You can now preview your voicemails before clicking Send.

This feature will be available to Android and iOS users in the coming days. So keep your WhatsApp updated so you don’t miss out on this new feature.

Earlier, WhatsApp introduced another rather interesting feature that allowed internet users to create their own sticker palettes. While this feature is currently not available on mobile apps, WhatsApp is working to bring it to mobile phones in the near future.

Whatsapp introduces amazing voice feature

The company also recently introduced a privacy feature that makes it harder for outsiders to track your online activity by default.

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