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WhatsApp introduce our new features


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Meta’s instant messaging platform WhatsApp introduced a feature to change the playback speed of voice messages in May. And reports now declare they have started beta testing the same feature for audio messages.

Currently, with a forward voice memo. You cannot adjust the playback speed by 1x, 1.5x, or even 2x, unlike receiving audio messages. But now that is about to change. And pretty soon you will be prepare to record audio messages as fast as you prefer to listen to them.

According to WABetaInfo. This feature is immediately in progress. And can be ready within the future WhatsApp beta update for Android and iOS.

WhatsApp introduce our new features

WhatsApp is also actively working to further improve. The user experience by introducing other cool features. Earlier in September, WaBetaInfo announce that the app plans. To offer a voice message transcription feature for voice messages. But this feature will be paired with Apple’s speech recognition technology. Making it available only to iPhone users.

However, it is currently unknown. When this feature will be rolled out to Android users. But voicemail transcription will soon be available to iOS beta users.

WhatsApp has begun work on a new function of responding to messages

WhatsApp, the worldwide popular messaging app, is also working on a reaction to messages feature like Facebook. According to tech reports, WhatsApp has rolled out a fresh update for Android users on the beta channel. This reveals that WhatsApp is working on a reaction to messages feature for users.

In media reports, WhatsApp has been working for months on a feature that will allow users to send reaction messages to comments like Facebook. Through which users can now express their feelings in WhatsApp messages without a written response.

WhatsApp introduce our new features

According to reports, the new WhatsApp feature will be introduced in the future as a future update. But users won’t be able to see it in the latest beta in the settings menu. Disconnect and disable.

WhatsApp Updates Its Privacy Policy After Record Fines Of € 225 Million

WhatsApp has generate endless controversy. Since it last updated its privacy policy earlier this year. This change has forced millions of users to switch to other chat apps.

Now, months later, the chat app has been forced to renew its policy again after a record fine of € 225 million. WhatsApp said the update does not change. The way data is collected. But it meets the transparency requirements of the European Union privacy regulators.

The biggest argument against WhatsApp was that it did not disclose. How it collects and processes data from its users. It cannot adequately inform users about it. How the application identifies people in their contact lists, etc.

WhatsApp introduce our new features

The policy change will take effect in the UK and other European jurisdictions. That have adopted the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The € 225 million fine was the largest ever impose by the Irish DPC. The EU’s top privacy regulator for Meta (formerly Facebook) and other social media platforms. A WhatsApp spokesperson also commented on this issue:

This update does not change our commitment to user privacy. How we interact with our service. Including how we process, use, or share your data with anyone, including Meta. Wherever you are, we protect all private messages with end-to-end encryption, which means no one, not even WhatsApp, can read or listen to them.

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