Whatsapp introduces new features every day to suit its users.

Whatsapp has more than two billion users worldwide, who choose the same assessment system for receipt messages, call on the internet.

The company introduces new features to customers on a daily basis, some of which are unknown to the public.

Today we’ll tell you about the Whatsapp feature.


What is that Feature of Whatsapp?

In this way, you will know that it is necessary to choose the number to send a text, image, or voice message to Whatsapp.

Users who create a bar account available on Whatsapp regularly send a personal inspection message after the process is finished or many do so to check the internet connection.

Today we’ll tell you that you don’t need to send a text message to someone else’s number as you can send it to your number.

After reading this, you will be surprised at how a message can be sent to your number from one account.

There are ways to access far

The first thing is saving your number and then search and send a message.

Second Way You open an Internet browser on your mobile phone and type “WA.ME//92XXXXXXXXX”, In the URL bar, after which you can send a message to yourself.

Users living outside Pakistan can send the message by entering the positive number and the phone code of their country.

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