Mental health involves our emotional, psychological, and social circumstances. It affects the way we imagine, observe, and act. It also helps determine how we manage stress. Treat others and make choices. Mental strength is necessary at all steps of life, from childhood to youth into adulthood.

What are the goals of mental health?

It is only possible for a nation to maintain the mental health of its people by solving all these problems or reducing them as much as possible. Therefore, every country develops its activities for the mental strength of its people. If the stress caused by these queries does not go away, it will be reduced.

For this purpose, various institutions are set up where mentally and physically disadvantaged children besides ordinary children are trained and they are not allowed to realize that It is worthless for society. It also creates government organizations for mentally sick people. So that their mental health can be restored. The same amount is spent on the restoration of the mental strength of drug users.

To look at the darknesses and remove them from evil and to enable them to live a life that has a positive impression on the people around them and especially on society. A person will have physical well-being but not mental well-being. There will be arrogance which is the condition of total destruction, so mental health is essential.

The scariest moments in life are when a person has everything but peace of mind.

Goals of mental health

Before I set out the goals. I would like to explain to you why people get mentally sick.

  • Child abuse, trauma, or negligence can make a child mentally ill.
  • Social isolation, is another condition of mental disorders.
  • Discrimination and stigma also promote a mental disorder.
  • Social Harm Poverty is such a severe shock that people are taken to commit suicide.
  • Mourning, That is, losing a loved one causes a person to feel frustrated.
  • Even a long physical weakness does not allow a person to stay mentally strong.
  • Unemployment (missing one’s job) is also a great shock for people.
  • People with poor housing also suffer from mental disturbances.
  • Drug and alcohol abuse deprives a person of the strength to imagine and understand.
  • Domestic violence and other abuses forget no one worthy.
  • Fighting between countries, serious accidents such as earthquakes, etc. create a shock to the entire country.
  • Physical Existence For example a head injury can also affect your behavior.

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