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Vivo Y33s was launched in Pakistan


The world’s leading smartphone brand, Vivo, nowadays proclaimed the launch of a brand new member of their Y Series. The Vivo Y33s was launched in Pakistan. With the launch of the Y33, Vivo has pushed its vision to serve young people with “feature-rich smartphones” to deliver a budget-friendly innovation.

The Y33s has a super-powerful, long-lasting 5000 mAh battery with a 50 MP camera and 18 W fast charge.

Vivo Y33s provides the perfect smartphone experience with an advanced camera packed in a slim 8.0mm slim body. The all-new vivo Y33s are designed to fit the lifestyle of the young, always-on-the-go generation, which requires energy-intensive devices with state-of-the-art capabilities.

Vivo Y33s was launched in Pakistan

Enhanced camera for enhanced photography

The all-new Vivo Y33s offers advanced 50MP * camera photography experience. The smartphone easily captures the best moments of life, gives clear clarity when enlarged or cut.

Thanks to the 16 MP super night selfie, Y33s can take selfies in HD, waving with Vivo’s advanced portrait algorithm. Super Night Selfie Noise Reduction Technology Smart Screen Flash illuminates your face in a richly detailed background for clear, natural results.

The Y33s are also equipped with Super Night Mode, which works with rear-view cameras using ultra-low-noise RAW technology to combine multiple frames into one for ultimate clarity. Other smart features include Personalized Portrait Mode on the front camera with Face Beauty bokeh for easy looking natural look.

Vivo Y33s was launched in Pakistan

Long-lasting battery for powerful work

On the fly, for vigorous battery life, the vivo Y33s boasts a 5,000mAh battery * 18W fast charge *, which speeds up the smartphone, helping users take full advantage of the high battery capacity for energy efficient management. In addition, the reverse charge * function turns the smartphone into a mobile power bank.

The Y33s is sleek, trendy, with a luxurious feel, has a 2.5D smooth frame that puts a 5000 mAh battery in an 8.0 mm slim body. It is a piece of light equipment that offers the user premium and comfortable storage. The cameras are elegantly organized and developed in Vivo’s signature twin Tone Step, inviting the user to explore powerful imaging technologies within.

Vivo Y33s was launched in Pakistan

Smart design and gaming feature of Vivo Y33s

The simple aesthetics of the design puts the user at the forefront of fashion. The Y33s has a 6.58-inch FHD + mobile display that provides bright colors, bright detail, and automatically enhances the viewing experience when streaming videos, playing games. The feature of the screen is that it has a special mode of eye protection *, which when turned on filters out harmful blue light to prevent user eye strain.

Users of the Y33s can enjoy everything from movies to games with unconditional clarity and eye protection with a built-in blue light filter.

The next level of tissue and shades

Vivo Y33s has two bright shades to choose from – Mirror Black and Midday Dream, which perfectly fit the lifestyle of today’s youth.

Vivo Y33s was launched in Pakistan
  • Mirror Black: Vivo’ s latest dual-layer coating technology combines an elegant shade of black with a glossy shine. When a person looks into this black mirror, he discovers a hidden world of light, shadow, texture and endless brilliance.
  • Midday Dream: The softly embossed AG texture creates a matte feel. The extra liquid crystal coating adds a slicker feel and makes your phone less prone to fingerprints. Immerse yourself in a vibrant glow with an orange-blue gradient that catches light at every turn.

Increased experience

As a youth-focused brand, vivo has integrated several customizable features to enhance and enhance the user experience for young people, giving them the ability to do more, be more and stay “on the move”.

  • Side-mount Fingerprint Scanner: vivo’s side-mount fingerprint style combines the fingerprint scanner with the facility button, therefore you’ll be able to activate and unlock your phone at an equivalent time. This design makes the Y33 look sleek and stylish, and the user experience is virtually effortless.
  • Face Wake: Face Wake by vivo will unlock your phone the moment it recognizes your face. Combined with a side-mounted fingerprint mount, accessing your phone has never been so smart and easy.
  • Multi Turbo 5.0: Multi-Turbo 5.0 takes data transfer speed, system processor speed and power saving to a whole new level. The five-piece liquid cooling system keeps the Y33s cool.
  • Fun-Touch OS 11.1: The vivo Y33s runs on Fun-Touch OS eleven.1. Its clean the aesthetic style and bit controls are delightfully easy and sensible, transfer the user an exhilarating experience.

Price and availability of Vivo Y33s

The brand new Vivo Y33s is currently available for pre-order in Pakistan for just Rs. 37999/- and will go on sale from October 5, 2021.

Vivo offers a one-year warranty on the Y33 along with 15-day free replacement and 6-month accessories. vivo Y33s is punctually approved by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority and supports all mobile networks in Pakistan. Zong customers can also get 12 GB of free mobile internet using their 4G SIM in slot 1 (2 GB internet per month for 6 months).

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