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Vice-chairman dead in a wedding firing

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RAWALPINDI: The UC-9 vice-chairman was shot dead in an aerial firing at a wedding party in the Zia-ul-Haq colony area of the Pir Wadhai police station.

Rebel TV: According to the details, police said a bullet fired into the air at Zahoor’s wedding in Zia-ul-Haq last night struck the deputy chairman of the union council, Muhammad Naim Khan. Who was take to the Sagrada Family hospital? in critical condition. Where he died during treatment.

The police open a case. Against the groom and began to arrest the accused.

Police chief Sajid Kayani drew attention to the shooting and suspended the operation of the Pirudhai SHO police station, a police spokesman said. The police chief ordered the Rawala police department to immediately arrest the accused.

Vice-chairman dead in a wedding firing

Firing incident in Peshawar school

On the other hand. The teacher was killed and two others were injured in a firing at a school near the Tajduri police station in Peshawar.

The incident took place in the public elementary school No. 2. Where unknown persons opened fire indiscriminately. A teacher working at the school was shot dead on the spot and two others were injured. As soon as the sound of gunfire rang out. There was a crush in the school and the children left the school shouting and begging for alms.

Police officers said that as soon as the incident was report. A large contingent of police officers approach the school concerned and cordoned off the area. And the body and the injured were take to the hospital. After collecting evidence from the scene. An investigation was also establish.

Vice-chairman dead in a wedding firing

A murder during a quarrel in Gulistan-e-Jauhar

In Gulistan-i-Jauhar in Karachi, Salah shot and kill his son-in-law during an argument. The police also arrest the accused. And seized the gun.

The man was shot dead during an altercation in the house no. A70 in Gulistan-e-Jauhar block 8. He takes the gun for the murder. And transport his body to Abbasi Shahid hospital for postmortem.

According to the police. The victim is identify as 35-year-old Aslam, the son of Pervez. And he had a fallout with his son-in-law Farhan. Farhan gets angry and opens fire. Quarrels arose between them. In connection with which they talk at home. That this incident occur. However, the police are continuing to investigate the incident.

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