Veterans of Pakistan’s most important tech industry have joined hands to launch, a common mobile platform that can sell micro, small and medium businesses online in 29 seconds. ۔Pakistan’s fledgling e-commerce industry continues to grow rapidly globally, with growth of more than 80% year-on-year. However, technical barriers have largely excluded small businesses from participating in the revolution.

The shop’s co-founders include Monis-ur-Rehman, Fatima Mazhar, and Muhammad Imran. Monis is a Pakistani digital pioneer with experience in employment platforms, digital loans and e-commerce., which runs Pakistan’s largest employment platform and is co-founder and chairman of Fanja, specializes in digital loans and mobile payments.

Fatima was previously part of the founding team in Karim where she served as an extension chief and brought Karim to Pakistan. Under his leadership, Karim expanded to 75 cities in the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey and Pakistan. Most recently, he served as head of “Cape Trucken” Pakistan, a US-based tech unicorn that manages a team of 1,500 people.

Imran previously worked as a mobile tech head at Naseeb Networks, where he started several initiatives with Mons, including EasyTicket.


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