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Twitter announces new features

Twitter announces new interesting features. Social media platform Twitter has announced that it is working on a premium version of the application for users who want to follow exclusively.

Almost two years after the announcement, the company launched its first premium features called “Super Follow” and “Communities”. These features work like pattern and YouTube membership options.


SuperFollow Premium allows users to charge their followers for access to exclusive content. Therefore, for a fixed monthly fee, SuperFollowers will be able to view exclusive content and receive deals and discounts on your products as well as newsletters that only reach users.

They will also have access to the community and a special supporter badge. This new feature will allow users to earn directly from their followers. Off course! Twitter will reduce these earnings.

Another feature, communities, allows users to create and join groups that have a specific topic or interest. It will be a lot like Facebook groups. Only users who have joined these communities will be able to view and interact with posts in this community. This will allow people to see like-minded people, rather than the somewhat randomness of the current timeline structure.

Twitter did not disclose details about the rollout of these features.

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