You are currently viewing Trending #HIDAYAT_THE_RAPIST on Internet

Trending #HIDAYAT_THE_RAPIST on Internet

The hashtag #HIDAYAT_THE_RAPIST has become famous on social media, where outraged users are ordering strict actions against a man named Hidayat Khilji.

Since then, there has been belief regarding who Khilji actually is and what he did?

Who is Hidayat Khilji?

A man name Hidayat Khilji, a former counselor in Quetta, was captured by the police for kidnapping and allegedly sexually attacking two girls. He, along with his brother named Khalil, abused used drugs, and raped girls, mainly from Quetta, deceiving them, forcing them to work.

Hidayat Khilji was arrested for filming humiliating videos with women

The prime suspect, named Hidayat Khilji, was arrested during a raid Thursday night. His brother was also into custody. A search operation is underway to detain a third person who managed to escape from the scene of the crime.

On the other hand, Khilji and his brother are detained for 14 days.

In addition, FIR under sections 34 (general intent), 354-A (removing a woman’s clothing), 365-B (seducing or coercing adults into unlawful sexual intercourse), 376 (punishment for rape), 376-A (disclosing the identity) of a rape victim, and etc.), 496-A (seducing or infatuating a woman), 503 (criminal intimidation), 506 (punishment for criminal bullying), 506-B, and 509 (violation of modesty or sexual harassment), registered by the mother of girls at the Quaydabad police station.

Police seized mobile phones, videos, laptops, and also USB drives. All devices were sent for examination. And also report in cybercrime.

SHO police station in Qaidabad Ijaz Ahmed said: “We received a complaint from a local woman. Who said that her two daughters were blackmail by an accused name Khidayat and also his brother Khalil.”

According to preliminary reports. The suspect lured the women into a trap. By promising them jobs.

Trending #HIDAYAT_THE_RAPIST on Internet

At a press conference on Friday. Quetta DIG Fida employee Hassan Shah said. The missing girls had track in Kabul. “We have requested the Afghan government to return them as very soon.”

DIG assured that no political pressure are exert on the police. And that they both arrest. And punish the suspects.

Hidayat Khilji arrested from Quetta after leaked video scandal

QUETTA: Baluchistan police detain two suspects on Thursday. Including Hideyat Khilji, for stealing. And also make dirty tapes of two girls in Quetta.

In Quetta, DIG police express. That the woman record grumbles with the police concerning the abduction of her two daughters. They kidnap girls who are 15 and 19 years old. ” The woman blame that Khidayat Khilji. And his brother Khalil had stolen them. ”he remarked.

Burrow also said. That the foul tapes and photographs of the two young ladies post on separate scenes. “We quickly take raid upon the suspects and arrest them. During the raid, after arresting both suspects. We also collect evidence against them,” he said. “Computers, cell phones, and various gadgets remove from their property.” Police DIG said, that a group that includes senior police officials is investigating the matter. During the raid. The police also seized several objectionable videos with other girls. The capture videotapes are girls from Hazara, 221 Pashtun, 63 Baloch, and 22 Urdu-speaking Sindhi and Punjabi girls.

He also dismissed online media reports of more women. Inform through online media. Who face kidnapping. And making obscene tapes with their own hands. The hijacking of Hidayat Khilji came on October 3 after police said they had captured the top of a group. That had been forcing young girls after an attack. And film their obscene tapes.

The event caused shock on Twitter with the hashtag #HIDAYAT_THE_RAPIST. As netizens express their outrage at the episode and demand that young girls. Hidayat Khilji and his brother get a big fight back. One of the Balochi pioneer ancestors asked that. They should rule Khilji properly, not by a court.

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