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The Internet Loves to Hate Catherine Reitman’s Lips


Recently, Catherine Reitman’s lips have become a hot topic on the internet. Fans claim that something is wrong with her blackish lips. Some fans believe that she had a botched upper lip surgery. Fans have even compared before and after pictures of her lips from her Instagram account.

Catherine Reitman's Lips

Workin’ Moms

Workin’ Moms actress Catherine Reitman has gotten a bad rap for her lips. Fans on the internet have been cyberbullying her and making fun of her lips on the show. Despite the cyberbullies, Reitman has never addressed the rumors publicly. While some people think that she got plastic surgery, others think it was just a botched procedure.

Reitman’s lip size has caused a lot of controversy, and she has yet to publicly address it. In fact, she hasn’t commented on it, and has only said that she has been teased by other women on the show. Her husband is Philip Sternberg, an actor and producer who is noted for his work in “Workin’ Moms.” The couple has two daughters together, a son and a daughter.

Plastic surgery failure

While Reitman has never spoken out about the rumors about her lip surgery, she has been the target of scathing remarks from social media users. Since childhood, Reitman has been teased for her lips, which are often described as ‘horse mouths’ by her peers. Her father, who is also an actor, has a similarly shaped upper lip.

Reitman’s lip surgery went wrong after a series of mishaps. In the first procedure, she was left with granulomas, or mass tissues, inside her mouth. This mass of tissue caused inflammation and infection, and made it impossible for her to close her mouth properly. She had to undergo a second procedure to fix the mix-up.

Birth sign of Taurus

The Canadian-American actress and producer, Catherine Reitman, was born on April 28, 1981. She has two sons and is married to Philip Sternberg. Her brother, the famous actor and director Jason Reitman, is also a Taurus. Her father and brother created the hit movies Juno and Up in the Air. She also created the popular sitcoms Workin’ Moms and Why She Loves Me.

Despite being an actress and television star, Catherine Reitman’s lips kept growing, causing her to be bullied during her school years. At one time, she was unable to close her mouth. She looked like a horse and was teased by her classmates. Although the lip surgery did wonders for her career, it took a toll on her health.

Fans’ defense of Reitman’s lips

Catherine Reitman’s lips have become a topic of controversy for several reasons, including the fact that they are very distinctive. The actress, creator, and writer of Workin’ Mom on Netflix has been the target of countless mean tweets and comments because of her lips. Some fans are convinced that she had plastic surgery that went wrong, while others argue that her lip shape is a natural trait.

Although Reitman has never addressed the rumors that she had plastic surgery, she has admitted to being teased about her lips since she was a child. She was even called “horse mouth” by some of her peers. Fortunately, there is more evidence that her mouth shape is genetic than a result of plastic surgery. The actress’s father, Ivan Reitman, is a Czech-Canadian film director who has a similar upper lip shape.


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