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The driver had to pay his job for yogurt

In Lahore, the driver stopped the train and went to get yogurt.

In Lahore, a video of an assistant driver stop a train and about to buy yogurt. The video went viral on social media.

According to News, an assistant driver stopped the train near the Kahna Kachha train station in Lahore and went to the bazaar for yogurt. After a video of the incident went viral on social media. The Minister of Railways Azam Swati drew attention to it.

The driver video went viral on social media

The video showed a train moving as soon as its driver apparently returned for yogurt. “You could see him in the yogurt video.

The video shows that the train is park near the Kanna Kachha train station. And the train starts to move. When the assistant driver returns with yogurt, and the number 5217 is written on the engine.

Railway Minister Azam Swati drew attention to the video. Which went viral on social media and also suspend the worker of train driver Rana Mohammed Shehzad and assistant driver Iftikhar Hussein.

In addition, Federal Railways Minister Azam Swati also said such incidents were unacceptable in the future. The railways are a national trust. And cannot be used for personal purposes. Okay, don’t come on.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that goods were purchased at a train stop. Even before that. The driver had also stop the train to buy vegetables.

The case of a train driver taking off a railway track to buy a train driver from Pakistan Railway came at a time when a divisional superintendent of the Railway Department had issued a ban on staff smartphones a few weeks ago. The instructions stated that the train driver, assistant train driver, station master, assistant station master will not use smartphones while the employees will be able to use the required phone.

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