The terrorists attacked a Frontier Corps (FC) security check post on Sunday and killed a soldier. To use act of terrorism, violence, to form a general climate of worry among the population and therefore to attain a particular political purpose.

Exercised by political organizations is the rightist and leftist object not with purpose, by nationalists and religious groups, revolutionaries, and even by state institutions such as the military, intelligence services and the police.

According to the news, the media wing of the Pak Army, Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) has said that terrorists will never be allowed to disturb the peace in the country.

The ISPR said that the terrorists attacked the security check post and killed a soldier named Irfan and the two soldier’s was injured.

Terrorists attacked on Frontier Corps

The ISPR said the FC personal appointed at the security check post responded effectively to the terrorist attack.

ISPR reported that security forces conducted an area clearance operation on the alert of terrorists in Bhosali district of North Waziristan district.

The ISPR says that a terrorist was killed and a sophisticated weapon and ammunition was recovered from his possession during the shootings.


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