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Taliban occupied Afghanistan

After the occupation of Afghanistan, the Taliban took full control, Afghan lecturer Obaiduddin Baheer tweeted in detail about the situation here and the lifestyle of the Taliban.


According to the details, the situation in Afghanistan is prominent in the international media at the moment. “I traveled within the city of Kabul today and observed that the armed Taliban were on patrol with Rangers, operating the traffic system and guarding important buildings,” Obaidullah Baheer said.

Obaiduddin Baheer said in his tweet that he saw the women who were on the streets while the shops were closed. Interestingly, there were no large or armored vehicles on the road. The Taliban were satisfied and greeted the visitors. , No checking.

In another tweet, Obaiduddin Baheer said, “I wanted to interview a Taliban commander to get some help from the people there.” Refused to be interviewed.

Disappointed at this, I came out. I imagined seeing the world of Khalid Hussain. Obaiduddin Bahir said that I was still amazed at his discipline and respect. We will change our minds.

In his last tweet, Afghan lecturer Obaiduddin Baheer explained that these tweets are not to correct their mistakes but to present the things I saw today, we support them and hope that our Let both worlds be willing to make peace.

It should be noted that after the occupation of Afghanistan by the Taliban, the value of the Afghan currency fell. Before the Taliban, the value of an Afghan currency was 2 rupees 40 paise, which has now become one and a half rupees.

Obaidullah Baheer also shared a video in which the Taliban is punishing a man for stealing a car.

The Taliban began to clarify their policy after taking control of the Afghan capital, respect for women’s rights is part of their new policy. The Taliban assured female doctors and staff of safety during a visit to hospitals, a female anchor interviewed on Tolo News. On the other hand, the situation in Kabul is returning to normal.

There are some revenge Taliban, has the style changed? Or changed trend ?? After taking control of Kabul, the Taliban announced a general amnesty, assuring that women’s rights would be respected. Evidence of this can be seen in the fact that the Taliban visited hospitals last night and instructed female doctors and staff to continue their work, assuring them of safety.

The Afghan TV channel Tolo News did not exclude the women either, and a female TV anchor not only participated in the broadcast but also interviewed a Taliban spokesman.

The Taliban have called on government employees to resume normal work with full confidence, assuring a general amnesty.

According to Afghan media, the situation in Kabul is returning to normal. The atmosphere is peaceful and no clashes have been reported from any area. Traffic on the roads is flowing, while business centers and shops are gradually opening up. There is no news of any obstruction in Muharram processions and mourning ceremonies.

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