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New the Galaxy Fold similar design Galaxy Z Flip

New the Galaxy Fold similar design Galaxy Z Flip. Soon after Samsung “officially” released its first foldable screen phone, the Galaxy Fold , it immediately launched its second phone with a similar design Galaxy Z Flip. If Fold is changed from a small tablet to a mobile phone, then Z Flip is to fold the mobile phone into a smaller size for better collection. In the end, what is the difference between this other Samsung folding machine that has absorbed the lessons of the past, and it is possible to make it a new generation of mobile phones in the right direction? Exterior design Different from the two use modes of Fold, the Z Flip folded vertically is like an old-fashioned folding machine, which can only be used when the phone is opened. In use, Z Flip is like a common smartphone, but the body is relatively narrow and long. This…