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Police skating unit prepares to target criminals in Karachi

Police skating unit prepares to target criminals in Karachi. A member of the Special Security Unit (SSU) police seized his weapon February 18 while applying a roller blade during practice at the Karachi headquarters. KARACHI Police in Karachi are deploying an armed roller building unit to prevent theft and harassment on their roads. The 20-member unit, dressed in black, underwent rigorous training, riding in a circle with its weapons and pointing inwards, and carrying guns, ending the alliance. Farrukh Ali, head of the unit, explained, “We felt that we needed to adopt an innovative approach to curbing street crime.” Can do Mr Ali admitted that roller building police could not be deployed in most parts of Karachi due to poor road conditions and uneven roads, but said he had been sent to public places with high incidences of theft and harassment Will go. “This is just the beginning,” said Anila…