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New samsung galaxy S21 or S30 will have three versions

A few days ago, insider JonProsser revealed on Twitter that the Galaxy S30 will be released on January 14 next year and will go on sale on January 29. But this famous revealer does not seem to be accurate every time. His latest prediction stated that Apple will hold a new product launch conference on November 17, but unexpectedly, according to the latest reports, Apple’s November The conference will be held on the 11th. If it is to take advantage of Huawei’s predicament to boycott Apple, even if Samsung releases the Galaxy S30 in advance, it will be at the end of January next year.New samsung galaxy S21 or S30 will have three versions Next year’s Galaxy S30 series may continue the previous generation, launching the Galaxy S30 Ultra version. But the latest rumors say that in addition to the standard version and the Ultra version, perhaps the Galaxy S30…