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Laws For Women Rights In Pakistan

Laws For Women Rights In Pakistan is often questioned. It is thought that the elders of Pakistan do not give any rights or privileges to women in the society. Before discussing whether women have rights in Pakistani society, Pakistani society must be understood. Pakistan is a Muslim country, where people are not only proud to adhere strictly to Islamic values, but are also willing to make sacrifices for the glory and dignity of Islam. Islam has given women a very hidden social status. Islam recognizes the rights and privileges of women in society. Similarly, Islam does not impose any restrictions that hinder the social development and advancement of women. Women are a very important part of society. Women in Pakistan have consistently complained of being isolated from mainstream society. In Pakistan, women are frustrated by being insulted by the male-dominated setup. She strongly believes that if given a chance, she can play a more positive role in the development…

National Assembly has passed Bill Against Corporal Punishment

ISLAMABAD: National Assembly has passed Bill Against Corporal Punishment.. Children in public and private schools, madrassas and tuition centres in the federal capital Islamabad cannot be corporeally punished. What does research say about corporal punishment in educational institutions? According to Hum News, under a bill passed by the National Assembly, perpetrators of child abuse could be severely punished by dismissal. Under the bill, individuals convicted of corporal punishment of children could be sent to forced retirement, demoted or have their pay cuts. According to Hum News, PML-N MPA Mehnaz Akbar Aziz had introduced a bill in the House to formulate orders against corporal punishment of children. Public execution will not cure society: Islamabad High Court Shirin Mazari, a federal minister from the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), proposed an amendment to a clause that became part of the bill. According to Hum News, Mehnaz Aziz, who introduced the bill in the National…