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Effective Tips To Gain Weight-part3

Body shame is very common in our society and also its very important to always make record of calories you eat and make your body to be loved by yourself whenever you look in to mirror. Here are some effective tips to gain weight Gain weight safely Gain weight slowly Woman standing on a scale It’s not practical to gain weight quickly, and it doesn’t benefit your health either. If you eat until you feel uncomfortable, it can be harmful to your health. Stop eating when you feel full. If you don’t feel like you’ve eaten a lot, try a snack.  Make a weight gain plan with your doctor, dietitian, or personal trainer.Realistically, if you stick to your diet and exercise consistently, you can increase muscle weight by 0.5 to 1 kg per month. If you mix muscle and fat, you can gain even more weight. It’s a good idea to only increase 0.5 –…

Effective Tips To Gain Weight-part1

When everyone is only concerned about losing weight, it can be very difficult to figure out how to gain weight in a healthy and safe way. Don’t worry, you can gain weight as long as you plan and stick to it. Here are some effective tips to gain weight. Gaining weight through meals Add calories to your meal. When preparing a meal, try to increase your calories in a creative way. Add a piece of cheese to a sandwich, or add poached eggs to the soup. Or add olive oil to the vegetables, or add seeds, nuts and cheese. Eat high-fat snacks Fat is a very important part of your diet, and eating it can help you manage your weight in a healthier way. Eat nuts, seeds, and nut butter, and add cheese, crackers, and dried fruit to yogurt. Hummus is also a very good food to eat with bread or vegetables, and olive oil…