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DR Yasmeen Rashid said about corona vaccine in interview

DR Yasmeen Rashid said about corona vaccine in interview, is circulating. According to local media, the health minister said, “Corona vaccine has side effects. Everyone should get vaccinated at their own risk.” It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post”. Yasmeen Rashid said, “My statement was taken in such a way that maybe I am against the vaccine. Because this is just the first step towards healing. No one can say that once vaccinated, they will be permanently protected from corona. That is why every advisory issued is urging people to be careful despite vaccinations. That’s what I said. “He said that the National Command Operations Center has the authority to distribute the vaccine and the vaccine would be provided to all the provinces from Wednesday and after that the public would be informed about it.”Theories about vaccines should not be considered,” She said.…