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Afghan peace process should be saved from ‘spoiling’

Islamabad: Afghan peace process should be saved from ‘spoiling’. External Affairs Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Friday said the Afghan peace process should be protected from elements trying to disrupt it. Addressing a webinar via video link, FM Qureshi said the positive momentum of inter-Afghan dialogue should be maintained and this historic opportunity should not be missed. He also stressed that the international community should urge all parties to agree on ways to reduce the violence that could lead to a ceasefire. Praising the SCO’s role in the Afghan peace process, FM Qureshi called on the world community to draw up a roadmap for post-conflict reconstruction and economic development in Afghanistan, including timetable for the return of Afghan refugees. He said that peace and stability in Afghanistan was essential and very important for Pakistan. “Afghanistan is not just a neighbor of Pakistan, we have historical ties based on our beliefs…

Smuggling of Armature and Bullets at Torkham Border

Smuggling of Armature and Bullets at Torkham Border. On Friday, At the point of TORKHAM checkpost, the officer failed an attempt of smuggling armatures and bullets to AFGHANISTAN. This is an export of consigments. A spokesman for the department of Torkham told that acting on a tip off, the officals stopped an Afghanistan-bound track at Torkham checkpost. The transport filled with cement bags was scanned. The result of scanning highlights unusual material that`s like 120 PISTOLS and 43500 BULLETS. The two alleged persons are arrested. The driver of vehicle has also been arrested and FIR is being registered. Further investigation is to be continued.