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IPhone 14 coming in 2022 will have a refreshing design

IPhone 14 coming in 2022 will have a refreshing design. Since the launch of the iPhone X in 2017, the iPhone X has had a huge impact on its performance. The result was a mixed response from fans, with some disliking the new design, some indifferent, but many never. However, over time, people became accustomed to the degree and were indifferent to it in future iPhone returns. A new report by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, citing sources in the company’s supply chain, claims that the iPhone 14 will have a refreshing design in 2022. According to analysts, the iPhone 14 can cut a wide display degree and turn it into a punch-hole cutout similar to Android phones. In addition, the analyst talks about iPhone SE in his report. He believes that Apple will release another iPhone SE in 2022 with the iPhone 14 lineup, which will include an updated chipset…

PTCL conducts successful trials of 5G

PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication company LTD.) had conducted successful trial of 5G announced in ceremony which was held in limited environment due to covid-19 spread. Current Pakistan federal minister of information technology and telecommunication Amin Ul Haque gave his overview on 5G uses scenarios. he said: “once ecosystem is developed doctors will be able to conduct surgeries remotely in area that are far from cities. It is a big step to make digital Pakistan a reality”. PTCL in this test achieve the fastest data speed with download speed of 1.685 GBPS. Pakistan became first country in south east Asia to conduct 5G test in recorded speed more than 1gbp. Demonstrators included cloud gaming, remote surgery and an over view of expected usage of 5G in Pakistan. moreover, this success will increase medical, social and economic development opportunities. This successful trial of 5G will prove to be the great step towards Digital…