The Balochistan Police’s Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) has arrested three facilitators of a suicide attack on Chinese engineers in Gwadar.
A CTD spokesman claimed that the mastermind of the attack was from Iran. The suicide bomber was brought from Iran to Gwadar and targeted Chinese residents.

A CTD spokesman said in a statement on Friday that the CTD and intelligence agencies had traced the suspects involved in the suicide attack on Chinese engineers working on the East Bay Expressway in Gwadar last month. Four children were killed and one was injured in the attack.

The spokesman said that the CTD had arrested Shoaib, a resident of Gwadar, a member of the terrorist organization Baloch Liberation Army, three days ago on a tip-off from the Turbat Bazaar area of Ketch district. A grenade, two detonators, a Prima card and explosives were recovered.

Suicide Attack on Chinese Engineers
Asian engineers looking at blueprint documents in a factory.

According to the spokesman, during the interrogation, the terrorists confessed to being part of the network that facilitated the Gwadar suicide bombing.

Accused Arif son of Dar Mohammad, alias Dara revealed that ‘his brother Ahmed transferred the suicide bomber from Ramin area of Iran. He received a suicide bomber on the night of August 10 and 11, who provided him with a place to stay near the customs warehouse.

According to a CTD spokesman, the arrested suspect also revealed that “Rasool Bakhsh, a resident of Sheeran, in the coastal city of Chah-e-Bihar, Iran, is the mastermind of the attack.”
Accused Arif further said that Rasool Bakhsh had also used his late father Dar Mohammad Dara to transport the four terrorists who attacked PC Hotel Gwadar in 2019.

A spokesman said efforts were underway to arrest the remaining members of the network.
The spokesman said efforts were underway to arrest the remaining members of the network.

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