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Pakistani police commandos take part in a passing-out ceremony of the Special Security Unit (SSU) in Karachi on June 15, 2015. A batch of 2080 commandoes including 40 females graduated to be part of special security unit of the police, tasked to fight terrorism in the port city. AFP PHOTO / Rizwan TABASSUM

Special Security Unit victories in 2021

In 2021, the Special Security Unit under the Sindh Police Department of Security and Emergency Services achieved several milestones.

Deputy Inspector General of Police Security and Emergency Services Maqsood Ahmed and also his team have left no stone unturned in maintaining law and order and civil service.

Successful SSF operations

The special forces of the Security Division (SSF), together with other law enforcement agencies, in 2021 began to increasingly participate in operations against dangerous criminals and terrorists. In total, 65 raids were carried out with law enforcement agencies, as a result of which 71 suspects were detained.

The defendants have 86 mobile phones, 05 pistols, 08 magazines, 09 laptops, 10 cameras, 02 video recorders, 02 lakhs of cash, 01 Land Cruiser, 01 tablets, 02 computers, 02 bottles of Chemical CF, 10 cartridges, 01 wallet, and also documents restored.

Special Security Unit victories in 2021

Safety measures during cricket matches

A Special Security Unit (SSU) within the Security and Emergencies Division provided reliable security measures during the trip of cricket teams from South Africa and the West Indies to Pakistan. In addition, strict security measures have been taken during PSL 6 matches at the Karachi National Stadium.

Vaccination of police officers

The Special Security Unit (SSU) and the Security and Emergency Services Unit, led by DIG of the Maqsood Ahmed Security and Emergency Services Division, have begun a 24-hour corona vaccination for police and personnel at the Karachi Expo Center.

Later, home vaccination facilities were created for police officers and their families. The decision was made to make it easier for the families of police officers and police officers so that they can get vaccinated and protect themselves from the coronavirus.

Special Security Unit victories in 2021

Recruitment on merit

The recruitment process for Constable, Lady Constable, and also Driver Constable at the Sindh Special Police Force (SSPF) began in January 2021. Applications were also invited from suitable candidates from Karachi, Hyderabad, and the Sukkur region. About 125,000 candidates applied for 2,000 vacancies.

Formation of special forces

Karachi Supplemental IG Imran Yaqoob Minhas inaugurated the Urban Flood Rescue Team and the Anti-Rights Force. This also includes an SBU commando and security personnel. During a visit to the Special Security Forces headquarters. The force also formed at the direction of the DIG’s Security and Emergency Services Department of Maqsood Ahmed.

Safety measures at religious gatherings

A large number of Special Forces Security Forces special forces have perform security duties on the occasion of Ashura. The 40th anniversary of the birth of Imam Hussein (as) and also the martyrs of Karbala, Eid-ul-Fitr, and Eid-ul-Adha.

Special Security Unit victories in 2021

Inauguration of the SWAT Training Center

Maqsood Ahmed, a DIG security and emergency services officer. Inaugurate the SSF Special Forces Training Center in a ceremony held at the headquarters of the special security unit in Zchokandi. The center provides special operations, key facility security, and VIP security personnel training in accordance with modern requirements with the help of experienced instructors.

National Security Education Webinar

At the behest of Pakistani IPO DIG Security President Maqsood Ahmed. Pakistani IPO members attend a national security training webinar at the SSF conference room hosted by Mr. Shoaib Adam, President of the African IPO Command. And Delano Kellon, IP Trainer, Counterterrorism Specialist, Chief Security Officer, and Head of IP News and Africa Command.

Pakistan Day parade

Representing the Sindh police, the Special Security Forces (SSF) Lady Commando contingent take part for the first time in the 81st Pakistan Day Parade, held March 23, 2021, in Islamabad. Army, navy, aviation, police, airport security, and other paramilitaries also took part in the parade to demonstrate their professionalism.

Special Security Unit victories in 2021

Shooting competition

The Special Security Forces (SSF) shooting team demonstrate excellent skills at the 2021 World Extreme Shooting Competition. Which takes place in Wichles, Poland, from 16 to 22 August. More than 500 shooters from 39 countries took part in the event.

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Independence. A shooting competition was held at the headquarters of the Special Security Unit (SSU). In which the commandos of the special forces Arsalan Anwar and Abdul Shakur took first and second places. And in the women’s category, Sidra Hasan from the SBU and Aruba took first and second place.

Diplomatic staff, law

Law enforcement officers and special forces of the SBU. Including Lady Commando, compete and demonstrat their professionalism inaccurate shooting (with a time limit) and rapid shooting (men/women).

On the occasion of International Women’s Day. The Special Security Forces (SSF) headquarters host a shooting competition of female police commanders. With Lady Police Commander Aruba first, Lady Police Commander Tayyaba second, and Lady Police Commando Ayman third.

Self-Defense and Safety Course in Handling Firearms

Under the leadership of the Security and Emergency Services Department of DIG Maqsood Akhmed. A course on self-defense and safety when handling firearms was opened at SSU. Which was attend by students from different universities, as well as officers and employees of different faculties.

The aim of the course was to familiarize people with various precautions in the event of an emergency or terrorist attack. During training, they trained in martial arts, shooting, and the use of various types of weapons.

Special Security Unit victories in 2021

Special training of special security forces SSF

Eighty-one special forces from the Special Security Forces (SSF) take an eight-week course on counter-terrorism from the Special Services Group (Navy) at the Naval Special Operations Training Center (NSOTC) in Karachi.

The training modules also included special training. In self-defense, close combat, deflection, basic explosives, and the use of modern small arms.

In addition, more than 60 security and emergency personnel, including British SS commandos and 15 assistants, receive fire safety and fire prevention training at the Karachi Urban District Fire Department.


On the occasion of the Day of Police Martyrs. A welcome ceremony was held at the headquarters of the SBU. In which senior officers of the Security and Emergency Services Department and police officers take part to pay tribute to the police martyrs. A well-armed detachment of SBU special forces greeted the martyrs.

Special Security Unit victories in 2021

March flag

On behalf of additional Karachi IG Imran Yaqoob Minhas and DIG of the Security and Emergency Services Department of Maqsood Ahmed, SBU special forces, including female commandos. Marched under the flag in various districts of Karachi on the occasion of Independence Day.

Free medical camp

At the direction of the Security and Emergency Services Department of DIG Maqsood Ahmed. A free medical camp was also organize at the SBU headquarters for the well-being of staff and their families. Prominent consultants performed free medical examinations of the Karachi police and personnel at the medical camp.

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