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Something is Going to Replace Internet

Today is the age of the internet and the world economy is now connected to the internet but now a new system is going to take the place of the internet which has been named Metaverse or MetaWorld.

According to the Economic Times, these mysterious words have become so ingrained in the minds and nerves of the technology world that the world’s most important internet platform, Facebook, has attached its name to these words for the future.

That’s why Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced that he is renaming his company Meta Platform Inc, which will be abbreviated as Meta. Maybe Mark Zuckerberg and his colleagues.

Something is Going to Replace Internet

Awareness of the future of technology and its initiative in the use of technology has raised concerns among deer and other researchers around the world that the new age will now be connected to such a huge social media platform. In which human beings No secrets, information, and statistics of his private life will be safe.

Innovation of technology and virtual methods

This innovation of technology and virtual methods will dominate people’s lives. This distance from the real world can also give rise to new problems. Imagine being able to see not only the screen but also the inside of the screen. You can be a character and go everywhere, just as you would a character in a video game.

Something is Going to Replace Internet

It will be even more modern than the video game. In this way, man will live a double life using this technology just like you are a human being on one side and also a ghost which will suddenly appear everywhere. With Metaverse you can attend any event, singing concert, etc. You can go to your office. All office work from home. Can perform tasks. Can make the office a virtual office. Most offices will probably confine to the home.


Facebook is introducing new software for meeting companies, Horizon Workroom. Initially, it was not very popular, the headset used for it would cost three hundred US dollars while there would be additional expenses on additional accessories which would be out of reach of many people. In general, the use of new technology is limited in the beginning, but gradually it began to be widely used.

Microsoft and computer chip maker NVIDIA

Microsoft and computer chip maker NVIDIA is also considering adopting the technology. Richard Kers, vice president of Nvidia, says a number of companies are using the technology. Facebook is investing 1 billion, or about 17 trillion. Forbes, a leading American magazine covering economics, technology, and politics. According to Mark Wayne’s article published in, Metaverse is the most important topic of the present time.

Putting aside research on this subject without examining it. Let’s examine its practical form. It is a pleasant surprise to be everywhere in the virtual world as your cousin, your shadow, or ghost. But how is it in our lives and It will change the lifestyle, it is very important to think and research? This is also the most important issue today. The good side of it is that now the best global and local business and other links of large scale will be common.

Something is Going to Replace Internet

With this technology, we are moving towards a new and wonderful world. This technology will affect every sector. The U.S. military has announced that it will use Microsoft’s holo-lens in the future as part of the technology. Shopping items in the store will have the product details as they appear on the front. On the other hand, this technology will bring about revolutionary changes in medicine, education, engineering, and other fields.


MetaVerse will have its own currency and coins, while cryptocurrency coins will also be used. One idea is that because of its negative effects. People will become accustomed to the artificial world and move away from the real world.

Something is Going to Replace Internet

There is a section in Pakistan that wants to adopt every new technology. As soon as possible and due to its interest, limited awareness has started in Pakistan as well. There is a possibility that the use of this technology will delay in Pakistan. But it is difficult to stay away from the changing world for a long time. The educated people of Pakistan who are interested in this technology can introduce it in Pakistan in the first phase but the extent to which the IT institutes are ready in this regard is not yet known.

Gradually for Information will emerge over time. However, in the coming period. This technology can have a profound effect on other sectors besides the economy of Pakistan. With the passage of time, the use of modern technology will increase worldwide. The gamblers or countries will prepare for this in advance. They will get more benefits.

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