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Solutions for Phone Dropped in Water

Nowadays, One smartphone is in hand, and it has become a must-have product for people to communicate with each other. But to what extent do people rely on mobile phones? Will not leave even to go to the toilet? According to the survey, 15% of people once brought their mobile phone to the toilet. And then accidentally fell into the toilet.

How do you feel when a cell phone of thousands or even tens of thousands accidentally falls into the water? It must be 10,000 alpacas rushing past! Of course, it’s better not to encounter it.

According to foreign surveys, 47% of the mobile phone’s water was dropped into the toilet; 21% of the spilled beverages; 12% of the water in the bath; the kitchen sink was kill. It’s 7% of the time; there are also 3% of the great gods who throw the mobile phone into the washing machine when it is put in the pocket of the clothes. It can be said that everyone has a chance to touch it. What should I do if I touch it? Here to teach you some ways to deal with it.

Solutions for Phone Dropped in Water

Four major emergency treatments For wet phone:

  1. Hurry up and get the mobile phone out of the water, turn it off immediately and cut off the power. If the battery can be remove, remove it immediately. This is very important. This can prevent the circuit board from burning. In any case, turn it off first.
  2. Take out the SIM card of the mobile phone, and dry the water outside and in the gap with toilet paper or cloth. In addition, to quickly dry the SIM card. Use a cotton swab to plug in the power port. And earphone port to absorb the water as much as possible.
  3. Wrap the body with an absorbent towel or paper towel. Don’t shake the phone violently. Don’t think that you can shake the water dry. Shaking it will even spread the water in the phone.
  4. If the phone is slightly water, the phone can be wrap in absorbent paper. And place in a small sealed bag. A desiccant (such as found in food) can be place in the bag, seal and try to exhaust the air. And then place in a slightly hot Places. Where the computer is hot, try to wait until there is no mist in the small seal bag. And then put it for a long time before taking it out.
Solutions for Phone Dropped in Water

Four major considerations:

  1. If the screen has turned into a black screen after be take out of the water. Do not press the power button to turn it on. At this time to evade the damage cause by a short circuit.
  2. Never use a hairdryer with hot air, or place it in a very hot environment (such as under the sun). Because it is likely to damage the internal parts.
  3. Within 24 hours after being take out of the water, do not keep trying to start the test.
  4. If the above steps still can’t be solved, take it to the mobile phone repair department for processing, and try not to disassemble the phone easily.

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