New member of Samsung Galaxy A series samsung Galaxy A52 5G officially hits. It not only brings a brand new color scheme. It also has Samsung’s most popular. Designed by Infinity-O.

New appearance, colorful color matching. Matte craftsmanship brings a new experience. In many aspects of appearance design. Have used their own flagship figure


  • Super AMOLED screen
  • 120Hz high refresh rate screen 1
  • Ultra-clear four-shot
  • Faster and more reliable 5G connection
  • And 4500mAh (typical value)
  • Large capacity battery
  • Awareness of 5G smartphones
  • Super AMOLED full screen 20:9 aspect ratio
  • One piece of 6.5 inches (right angle) on the front 3
  • Screen-to-body ratio reaches 83.9%
  • 32 million pixel front camera
Samsung galaxy A52 front and back

Using the top middle Infinity-O digging design method. Compared with “water droplets” and “bangs“. Digging design it can provide Larger display area And compared to traditional Hole-cutting shape placed at the corner. Mid-mounted can reduce Occlusion of important information Through the above picture. Can be intuitively felt. The hole diameter is not very large Watching movies, playing games. Can have a good experience.

Samsung for Galaxy A52 5G Provided Bobo Black, taro purple Four colors of cream white and oxygen blue. Bobo black and cream white color are more classic. Taro purple, oxygen blue color matching Fashionable and very nice
The back of the fuselage is designed with a matte finish. Improved the texture of the phone. Ensure the grip of the whole machine. At the same time, it can reduce fingerprint contamination

Upper back with a Rear camera module. Samsung Galaxy A52 5G built Iconic camera design. The samsung Galaxy A52 5G of The camera bulge is also very small. Ensure the sense of unity of the phone. The overall design is relatively simple and atmospheric. The color of the frame is consistent with the body Bottom frame equipped Has a 3.5mm headphone jack USB Type-C. Data transmission interface, Mic And speakers Top frame of the fuselage. Equipped with multi-function card slot and Mic. Support dual card dual standby or single card +MicroSD memory card 7 combinations. There are volume buttons and multi-function buttons. Multi-function keys can realize Bixby. Functions such as waking up the camera and unlocking the phone 120Hz screen refresh rate Dolby panoramic sound to enhance user experience. Support 120Hz screen refresh rate 1. Can make your control experience. Faster and smoother. Whether it’s playing games or scrolling apps. Can be very intuitive. Feel its fluency.


In USD its price is $360 and in Pakistan its costs RS.57,999

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