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Punjab Govt plans to develop Payala Lake

The Punjab Govt plans to develop Payala Lake close to the Indus River in the Ghazi Ghat region of Dera Ghazi Khan.

The plans were announced by the deputy managing director of the Punjab Tourism Development Corporation, Khan Shiyeh Ejaz, during a conversation with APP.

He stated that the bowl-shaped lake, also known as Lake Payala, will span over 200 channels and have a depth of 80 feet below the surface.

Usman Buzdar, Chief Minister of Punjab, dispatched a dedicated team of tourism experts, archaeologists, and TDCP officials to survey and prepare a feasibility study for the development of the lake as a top holiday destination for local residents.

Punjab Govt plans to develop Payala Lake

According to Shieh Ejaz, the development project. Includes a boating area, a walking path, a gazebo, and some other facilities around Lake Piala. Additional facilities and activities will also attract tourists from many other areas. Shieh Ejaz also stated. That lake is a popular destination for migratory birds.

In winter the water in the lake turns blue and in summer – green.

A feasibility statement would issued to Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar. While Assistant Commissioner Naveel Ahmed would manage the development works on site. However, he will assisted by Saifullah (Tourism Specialist), Mr. Shakib (Architect), and TDCP officials Ishar Iqbal and Asim Raza.

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