The prosecution of the accused in the Noor Muqaddam murder case has been postponed.
The accused were produced in the Islamabad Sessions Court on Wednesday. The counsel for the accused filed three separate petitions seeking details along with the challan.

Prosecution of Noor Muqaddam

A conversation took place between Judge Ata Rabbani and accused Zahir Jaffer in the courtroom. Accused Zahir Jaffer addressed the judge in English and said, “I should be allowed to speak freely. I have been incarcerated for 90 days. What is the plan of the court?” When will the decision come? ‘

Judge Ata Rabbani said, “There is no plan for the court. There is a court proceeding. You talk through your lawyer and he will tell you whatever happens.”
Accused Zahir Jaffar said, “The US embassy has offered me a lawyer and sent me a list but I have not received that list yet.”

During the hearing, the counsel for the accused said that Article 10A orders a fair trial, seven days is less time for indictment and four weeks should be given.

The petition said that the accused did not know the evidence against him along with the challan, adding that the right to a fair trial could not be fulfilled by keeping things secret.
The accused’s lawyer said that a forensic report, CCTV footage, and other recordings should be provided to us.
Plaintiff’s lawyer Shah Khawar told the court that CCTV footage, USB, and other recordings were sealed and therefore not provided.
The court reserved judgment on the three petitions and adjourned the case till Thursday.

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