Problems due to fog in Karachi

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Heavy fog in and around Karachi airport. Due to heavy fog in and around Karachi airport. Many flights are delay.

Flights from Karachi to Islamabad have postpone at 7 a.m due to fog. And flights to Lahore have also postpone. In civil aviation statement. In addition, a flight from Karachi to Peshawar is schedule at 13:00.

Problems due to fog in Karachi

According to the flight investigation, the flight from Karachi to Dubai was also delay by two hours. As was the flight of a foreign airline from Karachi to Istanbul. Flights will be fully resumed once the fog has subsided and the delayed flights will be rescheduled, civil aviation officials said.

Road accident in Karachi due to fog

KARACHI: Two people died in an accident on the Northern Bypass due to heavy fog.

Two people have killed. And another 12 have injuries in a traffic accident on the Karachi northern bypass, due to heavy fog.

In the report of police. The bus carrying pilgrims from Karachi to the holy sites of Iran was in an accident.

12 people have injuries in the accident. They have transfer to Abbasi Shahid Hospital for emergency medical treatment. According to the police. They have 30 passengers on the bus. Front of the bus was damage as a result of the accident. And the passengers have injuries.

Problems due to fog in Karachi

Police say the accident was due to fog. Due to heavy fog on the Northern Bypass, visibility is almost zero, so the bus driver could not see the trailer. It was also difficult for police and rescuers to return to the scene.

Truck and trailer drivers driving through the Northern Bypass. Also park their cars on the side of the road near the university to avoid a major accident.

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