Jhelum / Sohawa: Excise and Anti-Narcotics Force arrested a 14-year-old girl supplying cannabis to a women’s college. And handed her over to the police. He allegedly cut the leaflet and left the girl.

According to details, a team of Excise and Technician / Anti-Narcotics Force stopped the Hiace during the blockade. And searched the passengers near Tarhawi Toll Plaza in Sohawa. They recovered 4.4 kg of hashish from the arrested girl.

girl arrested

According to ETO Excise Aurangzeb Khan, this 14-year-old girl is a resident of Dheer Kot. She was on her way to supply drugs to women’s colleges in Jhelum. Why the police did not register a case against the girl? Only a case was registered against the accused named Intikhab. Why the girl was released is beyond comprehension and only the police can tell.

On the other hand, District Police Spokesperson Ahsan Butt said that the police did not find any girl from whom drugs were recovered. However, a case of 2.5 kg of cannabis was registered against a man named Intikhab Khan who was sent to jail.

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Social circles say that the Excise and Technician Department is telling the truth or the police department will be able to find out only after a transparent investigation which institution is responsible for the irresponsibility.


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