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PM Imran Khan able to fix Kashmir issue

Prime Minister Azad Kashmir Sardar Abdul Qayyum Niazi said that only Imran Khan is able to fix the Kashmir issue.

Speaking at a press conference at the House of Kashmir. The Prime Minister said that a conference of OIC Foreign Ministers was held yesterday in Islamabad and Prime Minister Azad Kashmir was also invited to the meeting of OIC Foreign Ministers. This news came last night. There was no talk about Kashmir. I would like to state my point of view on this matter.

PM Imran Khan able to fix Kashmir issue

Imran Khan draws attention not only to the problem of Kashmir. But also to the problem of Palestine. He said that the Kashmir problem is a very important problem. And needs to be addressed. The media should cover crimes against humanity. From time to time. Voices are hear in Kashmir. And the OIC should also pay close attention to the Kashmir issue.

Prime Minister Azad Kashmir said that the referendum issue is the most important issue, and the Kashmir issue is in the UN. Afghanistan is not on the UN agenda. And Kashmir is on the UN agenda.

Abdul Qayyum Niazi said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has played an important role in preventing the emergence of a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, while only Imran Khan has the ability to solve the Kashmir problem. India is changing demographics in occupied Kashmir. The pressure needs to be increased so that the plight of Kashmir can be alleviated.

PM Imran Khan able to fix Kashmir issue

Statement of Prime Minister Azad Kashmir in OIC Meeting

“People in Afghanistan are dying with starving. And people in Kashmir are dying of bullets. I belong to the local electoral commission. That Imran Khan appoints as prime minister, ”he said. My house is also on the LOC. Which is a riddle with bullets.

Abdul Qayyum Niazi said. Prime Minister Imran Khan took a firm stand on Afghanistan at the OIC meeting yesterday. The first meeting of the National Security Committee of the Parliament was held on the situation in Afghanistan. I also spoke at a meeting of the National Security Committee.

Prime Minister Azad Kashmir Sardar Abdul Qayyum Niyazi further said. That we said that these video sessions should also call on the issue of Kashmir. These video sessions called on the issue of Afghanistan 40 years ago. I ask that. These video sessions on the 74-year-old issue of Kashmir call in parliament.

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