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How to make Picrew Avatars


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Picrew is basically a Japanese website that allows people to create their own avatars by using image maker. Moreover, picrew offers many features to create your own image maker by simply registering yourself. And after that, other people can use your image maker by making certain changes to your sample image and make their own unique avatar.

This article is all about how to make picrew avatars.

Uses of picrew

Picrew can be used to show your creativity. It can help you make your profiles interesting by making your own avatars and posting them as dps.
Picrew is very simple and easy to use so anyone can use it. It has cool and interesting graphics and color choices. Most gamers and hackers do not like using their own picture on their profile picrew is best for such purposes. In addition to that picrew add attractiveness in their profile. You can also make avatars for your online freelancing profiles so when a person visits your profile it gives an impression full of creativeness.

animated picrew avatars, How to make Picrew Avatars

Future of Picrew

Now a day, picrew is coming in trend in many countries but yet there are many people across the world who does not know about this. In future, we see picrew avatars to be dp’s for people everywhere across social media.

How it works?

Picrew works by using layer paper dolls to allow creating one’s own avatar. There are tones of feature if you are creating your own character by yourself and adding features of your choice like skin color, eyes, lips etc. These all are layers you can add. But when you are making your picrew from other creator’s already created character you can use attributes they have used to create those layers. You can enhance them, change them, and also can change shape or color of your choice.

When Using others avatar you are bound to use it only where creator and picrew has allowed it to be used. Obviously while creating picrew you can choose where other user can use it.

Steps Using Picrew to make your Own Avatar

Creating it for users
  1. Go to picrew.me
  2. Translate website to English as it is in Japanese and signup.
  3. After creating an account you get to its dashboard click + make image maker button there.
  4. A window will appear where you have to give name to your image maker (this name will be search by users at picrew). You can also choose dress up that allows you to combines attributes of your choice or Random that combines random attributes for you.
  5. After registering your image maker you have to click edit button to edit your Image maker.
  6. Then add an explanation about your character and tags that will help users to find you. Choose where your image maker can be used. Afterwards choose save.
  7. Upper window will disappear and just below your image maker there is parts option now from this section you add basic body parts like eyes, base etc. These parts will be actually layers added the top layer is first second is second and so on.
  8. Note: You can add as much parts you like but make sure to sort them from top to bottom like if you place lips before skin you won’t be able to see it.
  9. With every part you have uploaded is an item and setting button. In setting you can select liberty you want to give to user. In icon is where you upload part icon. When you scroll down there is show in menu option which shows part is visible to the users. There is remove buttons that allows users to remove whatever they want to remove. There are options which you give users to move your used parts up and down but all these are your choices. There is color option and layer option at last. Color option allows multiple items in different color ranges based on whatever color we choose. Like adding a hair styles and giving color options so one can choose hairstyle plus color of their choice.
  10. Now as you have layers you can upload Icon and layers at one part you can give 50 maximum options to users. You can upload all one by one or in bulk at once from option upload in bulk.
  11. At last you can preview your image maker and upload it if your every requirement is completed and also you can keep it public or private.
Creating from already made image editors

If you want to create an avatar and do not want to mess with layers on your own. There are many editors available made by other creators you can use to develop yours in very less time

  1. Go to picrew.me.
  2. Select an image editor you like.
  3. Click on edit.
  4. Now you can see all the layers and options available by creator.
  5. After editing you can download your avatar and remember do not use it where it’s not permitted by creator like many creators do not allow their work to be used commercially.

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