The staff of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) set the example of an honesty. A man who left his bag in the plane. The staff of PIA returned $ 9,200 to the man who forget their luggage.

The rider traveled on a PK-369 flight from capital of Pakistan to Karachi Muhammad Ali Jinnah International Airfield.

PIA set the example of honesty

The dollars received by the PIA staff are worth over $ 1.5 million. The riders forget to pick their luggage which are rack with valuables. Upon remembrance, the rider informed PIA officials immediately that they had forgotten the bag.

Staff searched and returned the rider bag containing US currency, passports and other items.

PIA CEO Air Marshal Arshad Malik praised the PIA staff for set an example of honesty.

The riders were happy to return their luggage and thanked the PIA and said, “The PIA staff and management provided excellent service.


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