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Petrol pumps strike over all the country


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The Pakistani Association of Oil Retailers has also announced its support for the November 25 oil traders’ strike. Shoaib Khan said all gas stations will be closed in protest from 6 a.m. on November 25.

According to the details, the Oil Dealers Association announced on November 21 that gas stations across the country, including Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir, will be closed from Thursday.

After the announcement of a general strike by the Association of Oil Dealers, Salim Mandwala said that the announcement of the strike of oil dealers is a very important issue, and the closure of gas stations would trigger a serious gasoline crisis.

Criticizing the government, Salim Mandwala said the government should resolve the issue through negotiations with oil dealers.

At the request of oil dealers, Ministry of Finance spokesman Muzammil Aslam said in a statement. Regarding the price hike for oil products that the government would levy a sales tax of 1.43% instead of 17%. What’s more, if a fee of 30 Rs will be charge. Gasoline would cost 180 rupees per liter. The government has allocated 35 rupees per liter.

The federal government made the first contact after oil dealers went on strike.

Oil Minister Arshad Mahmoud called the chairman of the Pakistani oil company, Abdul Sami, and also inform him of the situation with the demands.

Oil Minister Arshad Mahmoud said the oil margin summary was send to the oil department.

The chairman of the board of Pakistan Oil Dealers, Abdul Sami Khan, said. The strike would not be cancel until the outcome of the strike is known. There will be a strike tomorrow anyway.

Petrol pumps strike over all the country

The Pakistani Oil Dealers Association announced that it would close gas stations across the country from 6 a.m. tomorrow and said there would be no talks with the government until dealer margins were increased to 6%.

LAHORE: Representatives of the Oil Dealers Association also said there are about 400 pumps in Lahore. Of which about 90% will be close from tomorrow. And the strike will continue until the demands are met.

Speaking at a news conference in Lahore, Khawaja Atif, Information Secretary of the Petroleum Dealers Association, said:

“We went on strike on the 5th.

Khawaja Atif said that with the current profit margin. It has become difficult for us to do business.

The secretary of information further said that the entire Pakistan Petroleum Association did not take the contract for the implementation. The Oil Tankers Association and our association are separated there are about 400 gas pumps in Lahore, 80 to 90 percent of the gas pumps will be closed from tomorrow. Now we are going to the minus.

“Lahore consumes 3 million liters of gasoline and diesel every day. We will not start a business until our requirements are met. We want to revoke the license. 80% of our community does not want to do this business, ”he said.

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