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Parveen Shakir 27th death anniversary


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Today marks the 27th anniversary of the birth of the famous poet Parveen Shakir, who carried the colors of love and fragrance.

Parveen Shakir was born on November 24, 1954, in Karachi in the family of Sayed Shakir Hasan. His family was a family of scholars. Many famous poets and writers were born in his family. In which the personality of Bihar Hussein Abadi is very high and high. Your grandfather Hasan Askari had a good literary taste. As a child, he introduce Parveen to the words of many poets.

Parveen was a promising student. During her studies, she continued to participate in Urdu debates and participate in various scientific literary programs. After completing her education, she remained attached to the pedagogical department for nine years and also participated in various scientific literary programs of Radio Pakistan.

Parveen Shakir

Parveen Shakir graduated from the Faculty of English Literature and Linguistics and later received her Master’s degree in the same subjects from the University of Karachi. Parvin Shakir remained associated with the teaching profession as a teacher and then moved on to government work.

Before starting his civil service in 1986, he went to the Customs Department, c. B. She started her career as Second Secretary in Islamabad. She graduated from Trinity College in the United States in 1990 and received her master’s degree in public administration from Howard University in 1991. Parveen married Dr. Nasir Ali, whom she later divorced.

Parveen Shakir rose to fame in a very short period of time because she was a poet with a unique Urdu accent that very few people have. In poetry, you patronized by Ahmad Nadim Qasmi. Most of his performances were published in his Art magazine.

Parveen Shakir famous books

In the world of poetry, he was patronized by writers such as Ahmad Nadim Qasim. Parveen Shakir. She start writing poetry at an early age, was awarded the Adam-G Award for his first collection of poetry, “Khushbo”. Among the famous books by Parveen Shakir are Khushbo, Sad-e-berg, khud Kalami, Inkar, and Mah-e-tamam.

The poetry of Parveen Shakir represents a generation. Because the main thing in her poetry is women. Parveen Shakir beautifully described the bitter and sweet experiences of life. From Balkees Khanum to Emperor Ghazal Mehdi Hasan, the words of Parveen Shakir sung by many singers. Who became very popular.

An interesting coincidence with Parveen Shakir was that when she took the Central Senior Service (CSS) exam in 1982, one of the questions in the Urdu paper related to her poetry.

The poet who made a name for herself in the literary world died in a traffic accident in Islamabad on December 26, 1994. But the poet expressed human emotions and feelings in words. Is still alive in the hearts of people with taste.



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