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Pakistan to get T129 Helicopters

Pakistan to get T129 Helicopters despite US ban. Pakistan will continue to receive T129 fighter jets from Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) as originally planned despite a US embargo against Turkey, a senior military official has confirmed.

Pakistan to get T129 Helicopters despite US ban

Speaking at the 2021 Defense IQ’s hosted International Military Helicopter Conference, the official said the deal was delayed due to some other concerns but the Turkish authorities were confident they would go through a political crisis. government and receive the other certificates.

In 2018, Pakistan awarded Turkey a $ 1.5 billion contract for the acquisition of 30 T129 helicopters. However, recent US sanctions against Turkey have reduced the trade to the last now required by the US export license before proceeding with the delivery of helicopters.

Earlier this year in January, Pakistan extended the deadline for TAI for the delivery of 30 T129 helicopters by another 12 months.

In December last year, the US imposed a ban on Turkey’s acquisition of Russia’s S-400 missile system instead of the American Raytheon’s Patriot missile system.

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