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Pak wins medal in weightlift championship

KARACHI: “It wasn’t my day, but snatching was my good area.” Pakistani Olympian and best weightlifter Talha Talib simply states that it’s true that his performance at the World Championships in Tashkent is not what he wanted, too. if he won the bronze medal. albeit historic, as it is Pakistan’s first medal at the Senior World Championships.

Talha has won multiple international medals for Pakistan, and this is his first appearance since a historic appearance at this year’s Olympics when he became the first Pakistani to finish in the top five and the first to actually compete at the Olympics for the country since. 1976.

Talha has been in the gym and has been actively competing for the past two months, as he first won the Wapda Inter-Division Weightlifting Championship and then went on to compete in the Commonwealth Games. This was followed by World Championship qualifiers, Talha said, followed by a national championship in November, where the Pakistan Weightlifting Federation (PWF) also conducted the selection process.

“Yes, this is the first time in history that Pakistan has won a medal at the Senior World Championships, and I am thankful to ALLAH TALLAH,” Talha told The Express Tribune.

This time in Tashkent he gained only 143 kg. Which was enough to get a bronze medal in the snatch. But he ends up at the bottom of the overall ranking in his 67 kg standings.

Pak wins medal in weightlift championship

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“This is part of the competition. Yes, it happens that I didn’t have the conditions, and I still train in a small school in Gujranwala, ”Talha said after the competition.

Talha added that he failed in his cleans and sprinting attempts only. Because her body reacts. Talha explains, “I prepare well, eat well. And I do not find it difficult to compete. I feel like my body is not doing as I would like. But it is accept the result of the shot, ”Talha explains. Not a big deal.

Glimpsing ahead to the Commonwealth Games. Talha is hopeful. The Tashkent World Cup was also touted as a qualifier for the 2022 Commonwealth Games. The top athletes from that event qualify in Birmingham.

Nowadays Talha will have a chance at the Singapore Cup.

“Now there is a qualifying match for the Singapore Cup. Then I can play in Birmingham. I will prepare and work challenging for that,” Talha said.

He can’t wait to repeat his Olympic result of 320 kg. Which in Tokyo was only two kilograms less than the bronze medal. He had a snatch of 150 kg and a clean and jerk of 170 kg.

In the tournament in Tashkent. Doston Yokubov from the host country won the gold medal in the overall 324 kg. Francisco Mosquera from Colombia win silver in the 316 kg weight category. And Zulfat Garayev from Russia became the bronze medalist.

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