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PAK vs BAN T20 match video viral


New Delhi: Pakistan won a convincing victory in the third T20 match against Bangladesh. Once Pakistan defeated Bangladesh on Monday, it went viral on social media. The video of the last ball of the match also went viral. In which Mahmudullah cleanly knock out Muhammad Nawaz. Although it was not considered. Mahmudulla was able to score the last goal with three attempts. Despite the victory, questions arise about the Pakistani national team. Bangladesh captain Mahmudullah also said a lot. Pakistan won the T20 series 3-0.

Let’s see why the Pakistani national team became a troll even after the victory. Are the charges against Pakistani batsman Muhammad Nawaz true? First of all, let us know that in the last over of the match. Pakistan had to score eight rounds to win and has the same number of wickets left. The last was brought by the captain of Bangladesh Mahmudulla. He took wickets on the second, third, and fifth overs. The first ball was a dot and the fourth ball hit the six. Thus, for Pakistan to win. It took two runs on the last ball, for which Muhammad Nawaz was responsible.

PAK vs BAN T20 match video viral

Now let’s talk about the last ball. Which was quite dramatic, and Mahmudullah, who threw it in just three tries. He knocked out Nawaz on the first try. Nawaz walks away from the goal. At the last minute when Mahmudullah throws the ball. The ball hit the wicket and hit the wicket. However, the referee declared the ball dead due to Nawaz’s sudden departure.

T20 match video goes viral on tweeter

A video of the same attempt was first posted on social media. Where most people said Nawaz was dishonest. He said that when the ball came out of Mahmudullah’s hand, the batsman should not have moved. He was angry. That the ball was declared dead.

The second video came out shortly after the first video went viral on social media. You can see it below. In this video, you can see Mahmudullah throwing the ball two steps behind his usual run. That is, they released the ball before it reached the crease. According to the rules, there is nothing wrong with that, but it was Mahmudullah’s trick, whom Nawaz noticed in time, so he left the front of the gate.

It is not an issue of right or wrong. It’s a matter of rules. As if Mahmudullah hadn’t broken the law by throwing the ball in front of the crease. Likewise, Mohammad Nawaz used the opportunity to move away from the front of the wicket when he was not ready. Now the answer to the question of why he did it at the last minute can be found in the second video, in which Mahmudullah is already bowling against the fold.

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