Kazakh Ambassador, Yerzhan Kistafin, met with Federal Minister for Economic Affairs Omar Ayub Khan in his office today. The two sides discussed bilateral relations and discussed important regional issues. They also discussed other priority sectors, including agriculture, tourism and media. To boost bilateral economic co-operation, the Kazakh ambassador proposed holding the next meeting. Kazakhstani Joint Intergovernmental Commission on November 23, 2021, in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

He informed that three working groups on economic co-operation. Energy and transport have already been set up so that the recommendations of the next joint Pak-Government Joint Commission could be prepared.

Pak-Kazakh to conduct joint commission

The Minister of Economic Affairs said that the friendship between the two sides was enduring and based on the principles of mutual respect, regional peace and economic integration. He said that regional cooperation and economic integration are effective ways to highlight economic opportunities. Adding that there is a huge potential for increasing bilateral trade and investment between the two countries.

He particularly emphasized the importance of regional connectivity and Pakistan’s important position in providing the shortest access between the Central Asian states and the Arabian Sea. The Minister highlighted that Pakistan would be a regional hub for transit trade, investment expedience in the close to future. He also called for establishing direct air links between the two countries.

Economic opportunities of Pak-Kazakh joint commission

Yerzhan Kistafin called for better diplomatic and economic relations between the two countries. The Ambassador also highlighted the importance of regional integration and connectivity with Central Asia and Pakistan. Which will help create economic opportunities in the region. In addition, increasing trade, investment and tourism.

Pak-Kazakh to conduct joint commission

He highlighted that the level of economic co-operation was far below the potential of the two countries. At present and called for enhancing business-to-business ties through the private sector.

He also said that the President of the republic of Kazakhstan has accepted the invitation to visit Pakistan next year.

The Minister of Economic Affairs thanked the Kazakh Ambassador for his important role in strengthening diplomatic and economic relations between the two countries.

The Minister reiterated the Government of Pakistan’s strong commitment to further expand bilateral economic co-operation through trade, investment, tourism and B2B connectivity.

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