The Cotton Crop Assessment Committee (CCAC) estimates that the country is expected to produce 9.374 million cotton bales in the 2021-22 crop season. Punjab’s production is 5.44 with Sindh’s 3.50, Balochistan’s 0.43, and Khyber’s 0.004 million bales in Pakhtunkhwa. This assessment is based on the weight of a cotton bale weighing 170 kg.

The CCAC held its second meeting under the chairmanship of the Minister of National Food Security and Research. Mr. Tahir Khurshid, on Thursday to review the current volume of cotton crop in the country.

Pak expects 9.374 million cotton bales

Provincial Governments, Plant Protection Department (PPD), Trading Cooperation of Pakistan (TCP), Federal Seed Certification and Registration Department (FSC & RD), Pakistan Central Cotton Committee (PCCC), and All Representatives of Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) attended. Meeting

Mr. Tahir Khurshid welcome the participants and appreciated the interest of the stakeholders. In the process of analysis of cotton crop.

On the occasion, Cotton Commissioner, Dr. Khalid Abdullah reviewed the summary of cotton production in the country. He stated that the weather and prices were favorable for cotton production. Adding that the announcement of price intervention by the government had boosted farmers’ confidence in crop management, which had resulted in a higher penetration of cotton in the gin.

The chairman of the committee adjourned the meeting with thanks.

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