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OPPO Launched Find X3 Series

March 11, OPPO officially launched the Find X3 series flagship mobile phone, a new generation model of the Find series. The Find X3 series has a flagship dual main camera configuration, the main camera and ultra-wide-angle are both Sony IMX 766 sensors, and the microscope lens up to 60 times is also eye-catching.

In terms of appearance, the back of the Find X3 series adopts an integrated streamlined curved body, and an integrated design is used at the lens to form an integrated curved surface with the back. In the production process, the OC0 curved glass coating process is adopted, and more than 2,000 control points are used to adjust the curve of the back cover, and then the glass is bent through the hot forging process to form a single body. The whole machine has a thickness of 8.26 mm and a weight of 193g. It is divided into four colors: mirror black, condensed white, fog blue, and universe mocha.

OPPO Find X3 series is the first to realize the full-link 1 billion color experience, not only can display 1 billion colors, but also can shoot, store, and decode 1 billion colors. Through cooperation with Weibo and Station B, the OPPO Find X3 series became the first mobile phone capable of uploading and watching HDR videos.

In terms of performance, OPPO Find X3 Pro uses the Snapdragon 888 mobile platform with LPDDR5 memory to meet the actual needs of users in any scenario. The OPPO Find X3 uses the Snapdragon 870 mobile platform, and its performance can also meet daily use.

In terms of battery life, the Find X3 series is equipped with a 4500mAh large-capacity battery with 65W super flash charging and 30W wireless flash charging. In addition, OPPO launched the self-developed O-Sync overclocking response technology for the machine for the first time, which can greatly increase the synchronization speed of the screen and the processor. For example, the synchronization frequency between the screen and the processor in the game is increased to 3 times, and the delay is from 30-40ms. Reduced to 5-10ms, it has been adapted to games such as “QQ Speed“, “King of Glory“, “Peace Elite“, and “Call of Duty“.

OPPO officially launched the Find X3 series

In addition, the Find X3 series is equipped with Goodix’s fingerprint + audio solution combination, built-in two Goodix’s high-performance PAs (smart audio amplifiers), and with intelligent voice enhancement software, it can effectively suppress noise during calls and bring immersive stereo sound. Presence.

It is worth mentioning that at the press conference, OPPO also announced the cooperation with Ideal Car, OPPO Find X3 series can be used as the Bluetooth car key of Ideal ONE.

In terms of price, OPPO Find X3 has 8GB+128GB and 8+256GB versions, priced at 4499 yuan and 4999 yuan, respectively. OPPO Find X3 Pro is available in 8GB+256GB, 12GB+256GB and 16GB+512GB versions, priced at 5499 yuan, 5999 yuan and 6999 yuan respectively, and will be officially launched on March 19.

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