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Nimra Khan divorced-updates

Nimra Khan, a well-known actress, and model of the Pakistani showbiz industry, who was admitted to hospital due to a serious illness, has not yet recovered.

According to social media reports, Nimrah Khan shared some of her photos on the social networking site Instagram and wrote in the caption that the intensity of pain and suffering has increased, more prayers are requested from you.
In another story, he shared a picture of his side pose and wrote that the intensity of the pain is unbearable, may Allah save everyone from every trial and suffering.

It may be recalled that the news of divorce from the husband of Nimrah Khan, a beautiful actress, and model of Pakistan Showbiz Industry, who got married quietly during the lockdown last year, was widely discussed on social media, but she never spoke about it.

According to reports, Nimra Khan ignored talking about the end of her marriage in a recent interview, but when the host insisted, she simply said that her parents were looking for a relationship for her.

Recently, a live video of Nimrah Khan’s ex-husband Raja Azam has uploaded on YouTube in which he clearly stated about their divorce.
Not only that, but he has also used bad words about Nimrah Khan.
Raja Azam said yes we are divorced, I divorced her because I wanted to get rid of her, She was a headache.


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Nimra khan also did a live session on 13th August in which she said I am well from this all is the result of your prayers, when people asked her about her divorce she said I don’t want to talk about anything this except my health and you people should also not. She also thanked all of her followers for supporting her and all of their prayers.

She also said divorced daughter is better then no(dead) daughter.

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