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New Zealand and England tour Canceled


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The cancellation of the tour of Pakistan by the New Zealand and England teams in the last few days has saddened the hearts of the fans. While the question is being asked as to what will happen to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). How to repair the damage.

Now Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Information Fawad Chaudhry has said in a tweet that the cancellation of tours to New Zealand and England has caused a loss of crores of rupees to Pakistan Television. Board will consult with lawyers for legal action.

There is no doubt that the decision of the New Zealand team. To refuse to play shortly before the start of the match and return home. And then the decision of the England team not to come to Pakistan caused huge financial loss to the Pakistan Cricket Board and Pakistan Television has happen.

According to information received by the BBC. The loss due to the non-visit of these two teams is worth around Rs 400 million. As all the financial deals of the series against the New Zealand team had sold out. The loss is said to be around Rs 200 crore.

It may be recalled that there is an agreement between Pakistan Cricket Board and Pakistan Television from 2020 to 2023. The revenue of which is divided between the two institutions under the revenue share model.

New Zealand and England tour Canceled

Chairman Rameez Raja’s statement

On the other hand, Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Rameez Raja in his video message on Monday made it clear that the financial loss to the Pakistan Cricket Board due to the sudden departure of the New Zealand team will be compensated. Will continue to import from New Zealand and will not make any concessions in this regard.

Rameez Raja said in a press conference on Tuesday that there is a platform in the ICC for redressal of financial losses. According to him, the Pakistan Cricket Board will go to the ICC sub-committee as the England Cricket Board went to the committee. Against the Indian Cricket Board for not playing the Manchester Test.

Rameez Raja also said that everyone must have guessed from the statement of New Zealand Cricket Board Chief Executive David White. In which he said that to some extent he will see the financial loss to the Pakistan Cricket Board because. “They also know that they have abused the Pakistan Cricket Board and this amount is very good.”

Rameez Raja says that they will follow the protocol and fight for it.

Is litigation possible?

As far as Rameez Raja is concerned. He has made it clear that he will take the path of the ICC to compensate the Pakistan Cricket Board for the financial loss that a member of the cricket board can do.

But on the other hand. When it comes to the litigation of Federal Minister Fawad Chaudhry. It seems to be a political statement as a first step. As has been the case with several federal ministers and politicians over the past few days have been.

The question is, who will sue? Pakistan Television, Pakistan Cricket Board, or the government itself? No conclusions can be drawn from Fawad Chaudhry’s tweet at the moment.

ICC what can do about tour?

Although Rameez Raja and Fawad Chaudhry have talked about their own approach to recovering financial losses. It should not be forgot that if a cricket board refuses to play a series at the behest of its government. Then the ICC can’t do anything about it.

We have seen in the past that the Indian Cricket Board has always given the same excuse of not playing with Pakistan. That it is not allow to play with Pakistan by its government.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) had approached the ICC Disputes Committee for compensation of 63 million for the non-availability of six series with India under the ICC Future Tour Program. The cricket board lost the case and had to pay in lawyers’ fees instead of getting a single penny.

New Zealand and England tour Canceled

In the current situation. The Pakistan Cricket Board is definitely putting a lot of pressure on the New Zealand Cricket Board to compensate for the financial loss and in this regard. Rameez Raja had tweeted the day before that New Zealand will now listen to us in the ICC. But The Pakistan Cricket Board also wants a non-emotional solution to this problem.

He knows that the New Zealand cricket team has to visit Pakistan next year as well. So he would like the New Zealand team to come to Pakistan next year and adjust the matches of this canceled tour.

However, Rameez Raja does not seem ready to believe anything from England and New Zealand. And he has apparently made this clear to the England and Wales Cricket Board.

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