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New windows version-Windows 11


As planned, the new version of the popular operating system will be released this year. Not only will it have visual improvements, but it will also include options as diverse as the ability to install Android applications
It had been leaked, its main details were known, but finally Microsoft officially presented the new version of its operating system: Windows 11 .

Features in Windows 11

As it was already known , now the launch bar is completely centered, but its appearance is a little different from the leaked version. What remains are the windows are rounded, the new visual options with the themes and the improvements related to the widgets, which have their own panel that takes advantage of the tablet mode. In fact, in the novelties of the system there is also no less focus on touch screen aspects.

New windows version-Windows 11

Windows 11 also includes more ways to organize your screen for productivity between applications, and above all else, there’s the promise that this is the “most secure version of Windows.” To this they can add silent updates, improvements to the experience with more than one monitor, creating multiple custom desktops and the use of an improved search bar that not only searches the device, but also the web.

The changes do not stop there, as there will also be improvements to incorporate the Xbox gamer aspect, including an HDR car, a new application store and the default integration of Microsoft Teams to the detriment of Skype.

The company recently cut commissions on games sold through the store to 12 percent, down from the 15 percent it collects on regular apps, and has been critical of Apple Inc’s App Store, which charges 30 percent commissions. percent and requires developers to use its integrated payment systems.

Difference between Windows 11 and windows 10

Windows 11

Windows 11 contains some practical and useful new features that will help you perform multitasking in multiple windows, and even use multiple monitors. The “Start” menu has been simplified, and active tiles have been removed.

Updates are getting better and better. Updates will be reduced by 40%, and Windows will install them in the background. In addition, there is only one major Windows 11 update per year, rather than two major updates per year like Windows 10.

The taskbar got a widget pane, and Microsoft integrated the Microsoft team into the taskbar to facilitate chats and calls. (Obviously, Skype is not doing well under Microsoft’s control.)

We have already mentioned the improvements in the Microsoft Store for Windows 11, which is huge: Finally, every Windows app you might want can be part of the store. You can even install Android apps in the store

Where to download Window 11

To download windows `11 links are below:






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