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New Variant is Spreading Vigorously

The number of new corona variant patients in the world is increasing day by day. The attack of the Omi Kroon virus has increased. The new Corona variant has so far spread across 40 countries.

According to international media, 75 more people in the UK have been diagnosed with the omega-3 virus. Bringing a total of 134. The first case has also been reported in Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile, omega krone is spreading in Israel. Seven people have been confirmed to have the virus. While 27 people have been hospitalized on suspicion of omega krone.

Pakistan’s steps to avoid Omi Crown Variant

It notices that the government of Pakistan has also decided to conduct a full screen of passengers. Arriving from abroad at airports across the country. After the new wave of Corona Omi Kroon came to light around the world.

According to sources, the process of Rapid C Artist will be resumed at the airport. After the approval of NCOC. Initially, passengers from UAE, Iran, and Iraq are consider for resumption of the Corona Rapid Test at the airport.

New Variant is Spreading Vigorously

PCR tests were canceled due to new Variant

It may be recall. That due to control of Corona’s situation rapid PCR tests were cancel at the airport for passengers coming from abroad.

Death Rate from Corona in Pakistan

Eight more people have lost their lives from Corona in Pakistan. Bringing the death toll to 28,761 while the condition of 858 patients is critical. With 431 new cases report. The total number of victims has exceed 1.2 million, 86 thousand.

According to the NCOC, 47,084 corona tests were perform. Across the country in 24 hours. With a positive rate of 0.91%.

WHO Monitoring Corona Virus Effected people

The WHO has dubbed the new strain of coronavirus found in South Africa. ‘Omi Kroon’ and called for more data collection and monitoring of the rapidly spreading variant.

The World Health Organization (WHO) held an emergency meeting in Geneva on Friday. Amid fears of a possible rapid spread of the new corona omi cron after its first discovery in South Africa.

New Variant is Spreading Vigorously

WHO report about new Variant of Corona

The World Health Organization (WHO) says the real dangers of omega-3 cronies are not yet understand. But preliminary evidence suggests that the new strain could re-emerge more rapidly. Than the rapidly spreading strains of the virus. This means that people who have recovered from cod anis can also suffer from omega kroner.

The WHO adds. “There are several types of omi kroon and some of them are very worrying.” It urges all countries to keep a close eye on this new strain of coronavirus. To investigate it, and to report on test reports. The WHO also called on the public to be more vigilant about the virus.

Several countries have imposed travel bans

Several countries have imposed travel bans on South Africa. Following the discovery of a new variant of the coronavirus.

Germany, the United States, Britain, Israel, Italy, Canada, the European Union, and several other countries have imposed travel bans. On the South African region. Russia has also impose travel bans. South Africa, however, called it a hasty move.

A South African government official says President Cyril Ramaphosa has call a meeting of the National Command Council on Sunday to discuss the Corona epidemic. The government follows the council’s decisions is deal with the Corona epidemic.

According to reporters, US President Joe Biden announce the new travel ban. Saying “this (new virus) seems to be spreading rapidly. I have decide that we will act with caution.”

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