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New samsung Galaxy Fold

New the Samsung Galaxy Fold similar design Galaxy Z Flip. Soon after Samsung “officially” released its first foldable screen phone, the Galaxy Fold , it immediately launched its second phone with a similar design Galaxy Z Flip. If Fold is changed from a small tablet to a mobile phone, then Z Flip is to fold the mobile phone into a smaller size for better collection. In the end, what is the difference between this other Samsung folding machine that has absorbed the lessons of the past, and it is possible to make it a new generation of mobile phones in the right direction?

Exterior design

Different from the two use modes of Fold, the Z Flip folded vertically is like an old-fashioned folding machine, which can only be used when the phone is opened. In use, Z Flip is like a common smartphone, but the body is relatively narrow and long. This is because Samsung has used a 6.7-inch FHD+ Dynamic AMOLED screen with a ratio of 21.9:9 (Sony said they are no longer alone Up). As far as hand feel is concerned, its width is similar to that of the iPhone 11 Pro commonly used by the editor, so it can hold the phone tightly, but the height has climbed a little higher, so it is more difficult for the thumb to reach the things on the screen. The volume key located on the upper half of the side of the machine also has the same problem. Fortunately, the One UI 2 pre-loaded by Z Flip has added different gestures and designs for one-handed operation to help users continue one-handed operation.

Speaking of volume buttons, the physical buttons of Galaxy Z Flip inherit the design of Fold. The volume button and power button are placed on the right side, but this time the fingerprint reader is integrated into the power button, which makes it easier to use. . In addition, the I/O only has a USB-C port and a speaker at the bottom of the machine. The 3.5mm headphone jack is no illusion, but this time there is no dual speaker configuration, which will greatly reduce the audio-visual experience.

The back of the machine is quite flat and clean, only the dual 12MP camera + LED fill light module at the top, and the 1.1-inch Super AMOLED screen (300 x 112) in the upper right corner, the latter is used to display limited information, such as time , Notifications, etc., are actually the second screen of the folding machine that year. The Selfie function will also use this screen, we will talk about this later.

What about the brand icon that is usually printed on the body? Samsung put it in the hinge part very cleverly, and after the phone is unfolded, the hinge will be hidden. After folding the phone, its volume is as large as a minimal wallet that I am using, and it is actually easier to store than a long straight tablet smartphone.

Foldable screen

Samsung Galaxy Fold

This time, the Galaxy Z Flip is actually a demonstration of their raw materials division. The official claim is to use a foldable ultra-thin glass (Ultra Thin Glass) to cover the screen. Later, they announced that this part has been accepted by the outside world. Order . When it comes to screen glass, the first thing everyone thinks of is the strong protection of Corning Gorilla Glass. However, under the test of JerryRigEverything , it has been proved that this is not the direction. The official Samsung statement later reiterated that the screen has undergone durability testing and verification by Bureau Veritas, and reminded that there is a protective layer on the screen glass, and users do not need to stick things up by themselves.

I guess that Samsung will deliberately use this ultra-thin glass, in addition to the development of new product lines, there is also the effect of improving the color of the screen. The reason is that glass has higher permeability and better color reproduction than plastic, allowing users to enjoy a better viewing experience. In fact, the picture quality of the Galaxy Z Flip is very prominent, and the bright and bright colors of Samsung’s signature have also returned, which is significantly different from the previous evaluation of the Fold. Naturally, this screen is also certified for HDR10+ and low blue light, just like other high-end products in the same door. It is a pity that the brightness is not enough, and the picture cannot be seen completely clearly under the big sun.
However, regardless of whether it is covered with plastic or glass, there is still an obvious crease in the center of the screen of the folding machine. And this time, because the mobile phone has become smaller, the creases of the same width look more broad. This has no choice but to light up the screen and focus on the content of the screen, so as to forget about the current technical bottleneck. After folding the phone, the Z Flip was not accidentally fully fitted. There is a gap between the upper and lower pieces. Therefore, the official also reminds users to be careful not to have foreign objects caught between the screens when storing the phone.
Just like the predecessor Galaxy Fold, the Galaxy Z Flip also has a protective tape covering the four sides of the screen, and there is a T-shaped reinforcement at the hinge. However, when opening the Z Flip, the feeling of turning the Fold machine does not appear on the new machine. It only has a very stable and realistic opening and closing performance. The reason is that the Z Flip is designed to expand without stages, especially the half-open screen can be achieved. , The mode of sitting on the desktop.
y people will use this expensive mobile phone like this… right?

Software function

New the Galaxy Fold similar design Galaxy Z Flip

Galaxy Z Flip is pre-loaded with One UI 2 based on Android 10, and the convenience of one-handed operation is still. The second-generation target interface is mainly to follow up the new features of the new Android system, such as full-screen gesture operation, system Grade dark mode.

At the same time, Samsung also took this opportunity to refine the icons and display positions, and then optimize the accessibility during one-handed operation. On the other hand, Samsung has also introduced the concept of “focus”, making the caller widget in full-screen display smaller, and will not interfere with the original picture (such as games or watching videos); there is also an exclusive “focus” Mode”, after opening, all apps and notifications will be temporarily sealed to reduce the nuisance to users’ rest or work. Of course, a few exception apps can also be set.

In addition, Samsung has also added a new file transfer tool to the system, corresponding to the sharing between mobile phones and SmartThings devices. The former is somewhat similar to AirDrop, which can be directly transmitted to other Samsung mobile phones and tablets via Wi-Fi hotspots; the latter is for other SmartThing devices, such as streaming to a Samsung Smart TV for playback. However, just like the previous report, the streaming service is a useful limit because it relies on the temporary storage of Samsung Cloud. If you want to transfer a large file to a non-Samsung device, you can also use this temporary storage to the cloud to transfer, but the name will be Link Sharing, and the file has a 500MB size limit. However, this Link Share has already appeared in the old version of One UI, but you may not have noticed it.

Even better, in the cloud part, Samsung and Microsoft have made further integration, and actually entrusted Samsung’s cloud content to OneDrive for storage. This approach is also beneficial and harmless to Samsung, because they can save the need for data storage, while at the same time bringing more new users to Microsoft’s cloud services. But for our users, the effect is still the same, and it seems that it will be a little more steadily for the experts of cloud services to bear the burden.
One unique feature of Samsung mobile phones is multitasking. Galaxy Z Flip is also inherited. However, because of its limited screen size, it is impossible to open three split windows at the same time like Fold. At most, only the screen is split up and down, plus floating. Windows. Just like a Sony phone with a narrow and long display ratio, the Z Flip window is divided into a high enough display content. When you slide the FB and read our Engadget Chinese version of the article, you can also see ten lines at a glance! In other words, the multi-screen display of the Z Flip is the same as the traditional candy bar phone, and it is not appropriate to compare with the small tablet Fold.


New the Galaxy Fold similar design Galaxy Z Flip

In terms of hardware, the Galaxy Z Flip’s camera is not outstanding. This is largely due to the size of the body. It should be said that the camera of this foldable phone is not protruding much, which is very rare. It may be for the implementation of the lightweight design spindle. The actual specifications are dual 12MP main cameras (the main camera is equipped with f/1.8 lens and optical anti-shake, next to it is a 123-degree ultra-wide angle), the 10MP selfie camera is a hole-punch screen hidden at the top and center of the screen, and the front and rear cameras can record up to 4K/ 60p video and HDR10+ content.In terms of hardware, the Galaxy Z Flip’s camera is not outstanding. This is largely due to the size of the body. It should be said that the camera of this foldable phone is not protruding much, which is very rare. It may be for the implementation of the lightweight design spindle. The actual specifications are dual 12MP main cameras (the main camera is equipped with f/1.8 lens and optical anti-shake, next to it is a 123-degree ultra-wide angle), the 10MP selfie camera is a hole-punch screen hidden at the top and center of the screen, and the front and rear cameras can record up to 4K/ 60p video and HDR10+ content.
Although the main selling point of Z Flip is not the camera, its picture quality is also good. The focus of the main camera is fast, and the images taken are also very clean. As usual, the “optimization” filter after AI scene recognition violently adjusts the contrast between light and dark, and the face is also polished cleanly.
I think the most wonderful thing is the Z Flip camera interface, because Samsung can say that it has made good use of its non-segment hinge feature and realized the usage of “bringing its own platform”. That is, by bending the phone 90 degrees (or an angle for framing in time), you can steadily place the Z Flip on a flat surface, and then run away to take a selfie. At the same time, the viewfinder interface will also be adjusted, that is, the entire screen will be moved to the upper half of the screen, and the function bar at the top will jump to the lower half of the screen, so that space will not be wasted due to the folding in the middle

What’s more tasteless is the original 1.1-inch small screen outside. It can be used as a viewfinder when using the main camera to take selfies. However, the size of this screen is too small. At the same time, it is a horizontal rectangle, but the image is vertical or square. , You may have to practice more to get a good grasp. However, this also provides a fast Selfie mode-you don’t need to turn on the screen, just press the power button twice quickly to turn on the camera and the front screen to view the view, which is also a lot of time.

The one-shot multi-shot function added in One UI 2 can naturally be played in Z Flip. Its concept is to hold the mobile phone to record the target for a long time, and then let the mobile phone capture the wonderful moment as a photo (it will increase the photo as time goes by), and there are also dynamic videos available, the purpose is to facilitate users without worry Should I take a video or a photo? This is a bit similar to dynamic photos, but you can record longer content, and it will probably become the default shooting mode for many people.


Although the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip was born in 2020, it is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ launched in the second half of 2019. It is unknown whether it is caused by the delay of the Galaxy Fold for too long. It may also be the reason for cost control. However, its 8GB RAM and 256GB storage space are actually enough. At least, there is no lag when running three apps in one breath during multi-screen splitting. In this foldable phone, there is a 3,300mAh battery with one large and one small design . The editor can barely last a day under moderate daily use.

It should be noted that this time Z Flip only supports one physical SIM card, and friends who need dual cards should think about how to get an eSIM. At the same time, this foldable screen phone with the last generation form only has 4G connection, and 5G still has to go to the S20 series. Fortunately, the functions of Wi-Fi 6, wireless charging, and reverse wireless charging are all left.

Speaking of the function of wireless charging, I just found a mobile phone that is too small and painful: the part used for Qi charging of Z Flip can’t reach the coil height of a wireless charging bracket commonly used by the editor, so there are friends at home who are using similar products Be careful. Otherwise, it’s okay to buy the original wireless charger bag.

Big to small? Small changes?

New the Galaxy Fold similar design Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung Galaxy Fold demonstrates the storage of a large screen folded into a small straight bar. What the second Galaxy Z Flip has to do is to fold the increasingly larger traditional candy bar phone in half to change the size of the mirror box for smaller and better collection.

These two forms are exactly what everyone is arguing about, which problem should the emergence of folding screen phones solve? As far as practicality is concerned, the editor prefers the size of the Fold because it can be made into a device that brings the experience of mobile phones and tablets at the same time. However, Z Flip is small and easy to collect. It is in the middle of some men who do not bring bags to go out, or girls who only bring small bags. It seems that both ends of the market have their own needs. Look at Samsung’s next folding opportunity. You will know which side you want to choose, or is it true Z-fold?

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